FIA ban racing driver’s father after fight breaks out in the paddock

Roy Nissany and Cem Bolukbasi collided during the Formula 2 feature race in Baku on Sunday.

Charouz Formula 2 driver Cem Bolukbasi has been fined and his father banned for Silverstone after the Turk’s collision with Dams driver Roy Nissany in Baku.

During the feature race, Nissany attempted to go round the outside of Bolukbasi at Turn Two, but the front of the Israeli’s car made contact with the back of the 24-year-old, sending them both into the barrier and out of the race. 

Following proceedings, an altercation took place between Bolukbasi’s father, Yavuz, and Nissany himself as well as the Dams driver’s trainer Francesco.

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The stewards noted that it was a “minor scuffle,” and that no punches were thrown during the heated exchange.

“After an on track incident between cars 16 (Nissany) and 23 (Bolukbasi) the father of the driver of car 23, Mr Yavuz Bolukbasi, along with the driver’s manager went to the DAMS paddock tent,” they said.

“Mr Bolukbasi admitted that he lost his temper when he thought that the driver of car 16 made a derogatory comment about his son. 

“At the DAMS tent Mr Bolukbasi provoked a heated verbal exchange with the driver of car 16. As the verbal exchange escalated the trainer for Roy Nissany became involved and there was some pushing and physical contact between the father and the trainer. 

“No punches were exchanged and the unwanted guests were removed from the area.

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“At no time will physical violence, nor the threat of such be tolerated. In keeping with ISC Art. 9.15.1 competitors are responsible for all acts of persons to whom they have given access to the reserved areas. 

“The threat of violence and the actual minor scuffle that took place as initiated by Mr Bolukbasi are determined to be a breach of ISC 12.2.1(c).

“Accordingly the driver is fined and the individual initiating the offence is sanctioned.”

Yavuz, however, stated that it was Nissany who incited the argument by throwing profanity at him, and confirmed that it was he who has been fined, not his son.

“I see a benefit in correcting the FIA statement,” he said in a statement. 

“We are in the neighbour tents with Roy Nissany’s team Dams. 

“After the accident, I went to their tent to discuss the word he used for Cem, and Nissany swore heavily at me. After that there was a verbal argument between us.

“Temuçin Ünalp (Cem’s manager) came up to calm me down and we went back to our garage.

“Roy Nissany’s father came to our garage after hearing about the incident and apologised to us. And then he came with Roy Nissany, and they apologised to us, and we sort the situation out, everything was fine.

“The FIA, fined me according to the rules. I’m also banned from the paddock for one race.

“This punishment was not given to Cem. In this way, I wanted to give the right information from the first person.”

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Dennis Hauger went on to win the feature race in Baku after Juri Vips agonisingly crashed late on at the castle section, and Logan Sargeant claimed his second podium of the year ahead of Felipe Drugovich, who extended his championship lead.

Amaury Cordeel picked up his 12th penalty point last weekend in Baku, so he will also be banned for the British Grand Prix.