Ferrari urged to face ‘consequences’ over comical errors

More dreadful mistakes from Ferrari cost Carlos Sainz in the Netherlands last weekend.

Former Formula 1 driver, Ralf Schumacher, is left tearing his hair out at Ferrari’s constant comical errors this season.

Strategic errors have cost Charles Leclerc victories in Monaco, Silverstone and Budapest, while more confusion saw him drop further points in Spa.

Carlos Sainz has not been free of those dramas either, after a lack of decisiveness on the pit wall as to how to serve a five-second penalty arguably denied him a chance at scoring a podium in France.

The Spaniard has previously defended his team, saying that they are not the “disaster” that people might suggest, but the Scuderia do not seem to have learned from their mistakes.

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The Dutch Grand Prix last weekend summed up what has been an embarrassing highlight reel of errors from Ferrari, when one of their mechanics ended up in the wrong part of the pit box following a late call to pit Sainz.

They had to make their way round to the left rear having mistakenly gone to the right front, and the 27-year-old had been in the pit lane for over 20 seconds when he was finally released from the box.

While the team were trying to figure out where their phantom tyre was, they left their wheel gun in the pit lane, which was run over by Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

To compound Sainz’s day, he received a five-second penalty for an unsafe release under a late Safety Car.

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As the horror show unfolded during the 13-time podium finisher’s stop, Schumacher watched on in disbelief.

“It wasn’t just the pit-stop that went wrong – the tyre was missing, the wheel gun was in the way and it was let out, I don’t understand it anymore,” he told Sky Germany.

“Even if it’s a great team, too many mistakes are made, no consequences for that. Nothing seems to have changed in Italy.”

Max Verstappen won in Zandvoort on Sunday ahead of George Russell, who beat third-placed Charles Leclerc.

Not only is Red Bull’s race pace superior to that of the Maranello-based squad, but Mercedes are bringing themselves back into play too.

Declining performance, coupled with constant errors, has Schumacher struggling to see the positives for the former team of his brother and seven-time world champion, Michael.

“You have to get to the bottom of things, we’ve had a large part of the season and they still make mistakes like this,” added Ralf.

“What happened on top is that Ferrari are slowly regressing.

“In my opinion, Red Bull keep moving forward, Mercedes come around the corner every now and then.

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“Even at Monza I don’t see a chance for Ferrari, even if their car was faster, they would probably still make a mistake in the pits. 

“They don’t learn from mistakes, that would worry me if I had something to say there.”

With his team 135 points behind Red Bull and now just 30 ahead of Mercedes, Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, has once again asserted that no personnel changes are needed.