Ferrari to confront drivers after ‘good fun’ claim rejected

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur has revealed he’ll speak to his drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc engaged in a gripping late-race battle that left spectators at the edge of their seats. 

The teammates pushed the limits of competition, raising concerns about their on-track antics, and setting the stage for a potential post-race discussion with their team principal Fred Vasseur.

With the final podium position tantalisingly within reach during Ferrari’s home race at Monza, Sainz and Leclerc fearlessly went wheel-to-wheel in the closing laps. 

The intensity of their battle reached unprecedented levels, as they locked up, ventured off the track, and, at times, seemed perilously close to a race-ending collision.

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Ultimately, it was Carlos Sainz who emerged victorious, crossing the finish line a mere 0.184 seconds ahead of his teammate, securing his first podium result of the season. 

Reflecting on their high-stakes duel, Sainz acknowledged the challenge it posed for Vasseur and the entire Ferrari pit wall.

“Honestly, I’m not sure if ‘good fun’ is the right term, but it was an incredibly tough fight, and I gave it my all,” Sainz candidly remarked to Sky Sports. 

“I feel a bit sorry for Fred and the team because they must have had a really tough time on the pit wall with those battles.”

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Sainz went on to emphasise that it was a closely fought and respectful battle between teammates, emphasising their commitment to avoiding contact on the track. 

In the end, their relentless efforts resulted in a third-place finish for Sainz and fourth place for Leclerc.

Charles Leclerc concurred with Sainz, describing their thrilling contest as being “on the limit,” with both drivers occasionally pushing the boundaries, especially under braking.

“This is what racing should be all the time in my opinion,” Leclerc exclaimed, evoking memories of their karting days. 

“It was close many, many times. 

“There were so many moments where it was very tricky. 

“We were both moving a bit too much under-braking, but at the end, I don’t complain. 

“This is what I love about racing.”

Leclerc’s enthusiasm for the intense competition was palpable as he described the adrenaline rush of battling each other. 

“It was on the limit from Carlos on the defending side, it was on the limit from me on the attacking side,” he admitted, highlighting their dedication to delivering an exhilarating show for fans.

Despite the thrilling race, Leclerc acknowledged their responsibility to Ferrari and the passionate Tifosi to ensure both red cars finished on the podium. 

He hinted at a forthcoming discussion with team boss Fred Vasseur regarding their battle.

“At the same time, we also had the responsibility of having a red car on the podium,” Leclerc emphasised. 

“Otherwise, the Tifosi would have been very angry with us tonight. 

“Yes, it was on the limit, but I’ve always said this is how I love racing. 

“We will sit down with Fred.”

Fred Vasseur, the team principal, indicated that these talks would likely take place on Monday. 

He praised the thrilling on-track action and the drivers’ commitment to racing.

“For sure, it’s a bit of a strange feeling, but as you know, I’m a big fan of letting them race,” Vasseur commented. 

“It was a great feeling. 

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“I told them no risk. 

“The notion of no risk is always relative, but I really appreciated the last couple of laps, and I hope that the fans did. 

“As you can imagine, we’ll have the discussion after the race, but perhaps not tonight – tomorrow (Monday) they are in the factory.”