Ferrari exposed over ‘thirst traps’ of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz

Ferrari have claimed just three podiums so far in 2023, as both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz struggle.

It’s been discovered that Ferrari post thirst traps when their results don’t meet their expectations, something which has happened a lot in 2023.

After each race, Ferrari post ‘Full Access’ videos, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look of what happens during a Grand Prix weekend.

It was rumoured by fans that Ferrari only included thirst traps of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz when the side delivered an underwhelming result but didn’t when things went well.

Media outlet GPFans investigated this and discovered some truth behind the rumours.

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Ferrari didn’t include a thirst-trap in their post-weekend video whenever one of their cars finished in the top-four, even if the other car retired.

As a result, there were no thirst traps in the videos for the races in Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Canada, Austria and Belgium.

However, Ferrari did include a thirst-trap in their post-race videos after Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Spain, Great Britain and Hungary, all countries where the Maranello-based team didn’t meet their expectations.

The only exception of this is Miami, where Ferrari did post a thirst-trap.

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The Australian Grand Prix is the only other place which doesn’t fit with the pattern, as Ferrari didn’t post a thirst-trap despite a very disappointing event for the Scuderia.

Some fans have caught on with the trend, with one having joked that they were watching Ferrari’s content just to look at the thirst traps.

“At this point, I am only here to admire their looks… what else can we do,” said @eve6225, after the Monaco Grand Prix, where Leclerc and Sainz finished sixth and eighth.

“0 Thirst traps in the video = an actually good race,” @stavrosleo commented, after Leclerc and Sainz finished fourth and fifth following a positive Canadian Grand Prix.

Sainz was seen in an ice bath after finishing eighth at a disappointing Hungarian Grand Prix, with Leclerc having finished narrowly ahead in seventh.

“Dear Ferrari what is this thirst trap? Are you trying to make us forget something…” wrote @eve6225 again.

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Ferrari stuck with their pattern at the recent Belgian Grand Prix, where Leclerc finished third.

As a result of the Monegasque’s podium, Ferrari didn’t feature a thirst-trap in their post-race video.

“Spoiler Alert: Since we got a podium, this video features 0 thirst traps,” said @stavrosleo.