Ferrari design ‘seven percent’ more efficient than ‘nude look’ adopted by Mercedes

Ambiguity remains as to whether Ferrari's ambitious chassis design will pay off in 2022.

Ferrari are reported to have tried out two different design concepts on their new car for 2022, and it appears that they have opted to go for a slightly bulkier chassis design than rivals Mercedes.

Formula 1’s technical regulations are dramatically changing ahead of the 2022 season, as a ground effect-led aerodynamic concept comes into play while the tyres increase in size.

This is being done in a bid to facilitate overtaking and closer racing – though it remains to be seen if the new regulations will succeed in this.

While we only really got to see the front of the F1-75 at the unveiling, Ferrari’s track day at Fiorano on Friday revealed two beam wings crossing underneath the rear wing to create a twin airflow, while 13 grill slot gaps on the sidepods – three off which are horizontal – are possibly in place to aid cooling.

The sharp abatement into a valley on the sidepods were also queried by ex-F1 car designer Gary Anderson, who believes that the “brave” design may well be detrimental to that.

Mercedes have gone for a much skinnier design than their Italian counterparts, and it has been reported by the Italian edition of that this is originally what Enrico Cardile and David Sanchez, Ferrari’s designers, experimented with.

However, they suggest that the noises coming from Maranello indicate that Ferrari’s package – which is in part an attempt to ensure the reliability of their powerful engine – is “seven percent” more aerodynamically efficient than the design concept the Silver Arrows have gone for.

In truth, no one quite knows exactly which teams will master the new ground effect-led technical regulations, but we will shortly find out as the circus rolls into Barcelona for the first pre-season test this week.