Ferrari CEO Says Binotto’s Role Isn’t Under Threat Despite Poor Form

The Italian car-maker’s CEO stressed that they need “stability and focus” to get back to the front of the Formula One grid.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has said team principal Mattia Binotto’s role at the Scuderia isn’t under threat and he still has “every confidence” in him despite the team’s poor run of results.

“I have to say I have every confidence in Mattia Binotto and his team. The results aren’t there to prove what I’m saying, but these things take time,” Camilleri said in an interview with The New York Times.

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Continuing, he said that in the past they have put too much pressure on the management of Ferrari’s Formula One team.

“Regretfully in the past, there has been too much pressure and a history of people being let go. There was somewhat of a revolving-door atmosphere, and I’m putting a stop to that.”

“What we need is stability and focus,” he added.

Camilleri then pointed to the success of the Red Bull and Mercedes F1 teams to highlight the importance of stability.

“If you look at Red Bull’s period of winning championships, Mercedes today, other than talent, one of the key things they had was stability, and that’s something frankly our team has been lacking.”

He also noted that the Italian media often exerts a great deal of pressure on Scuderia Ferrari and many journalists call for managerial changes whenever the team’s on-track performance is poor.

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“So I want to ensure that stability remains in place, despite the unbelievable pressure there is on the team, particularly from the Italian media, who are quite brutal at times, calling for heads to roll, but that’s not the solution.”

Earlier, Mattia Binotto said in an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper that he questioned whether or not he is the right person to lead Ferrari back to its former glory.

“I questioned myself. I thought about whether I was suitable for the role of team principal.”

After an abysmal weekend at Monza, Ferrari are now sixth in the F1 Constructors’ Standings, ten points adrift of fifth-placed Renault.

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