Ferrari boss admits he wants Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull chief

Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur has made an admission about signing Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Amidst swirling rumours linking Ferrari to top Formula 1 talents such as Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Adrian Newey, team principal Fred Vasseur has asserted that the focus is on the team as a whole, rather than individual star power.

Recent speculation suggested that Ferrari could potentially lose Charles Leclerc to either Mercedes or Aston Martin, and Carlos Sainz to Audi, while bringing in Verstappen from Red Bull and Hamilton from Mercedes. 

The addition of Newey to the technical team was also rumoured, creating a dream team reminiscent of the iconic era featuring Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn, Jean Todt, and Rory Byrne.

However, Vasseur dismisses these rumours, pointing out the lack of factual basis behind them.

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Verstappen is contracted to Red Bull until 2028, Newey has already renewed his contract with Red Bull, and Hamilton is expected to extend his stay at Mercedes. 

Despite the speculation making for interesting reading, Vasseur acknowledges its appeal.

“You have all the big names of F1. I’m asked very often the question about Max, Lewis, top engineers and so on,” Vasseur told Sky Sports. 

“For sure [you would want them], but in the end, it’s not like this, at the end you need to understand where you are weak and not and then try to improve step by step.”

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Vasseur emphasised the importance of the team working collectively to address Ferrari’s current challenges.

He questions the value of big-name signings if they are not involved in the project from the beginning, as their attempts to enact major changes could take years, potentially hindering progress.

“I’m not sure that the big names in F1, if they are not part of the project from the beginning, do they add value?” Vasseur continued. 

“If they join the team and want to change everything, you are speaking about two or three years, but it would be too long. 

“I think we have a good structure. 

“We have to reinforce the team for sure, and we are on this way, but it’s not just about big names.”

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Vasseur believes that the collective strength of the team is more significant than any individual’s contributions. 

With approximately 1,000 employees in the larger teams, he stresses the importance of unity and team dynamics.

“In the big teams today we are roughly 1,000 [employees], and I’m convinced the weight of the group is much more important than the weight of the individual.”