Ferrari block Martin Brundle

Charles Leclerc had work done to his car on the grid ahead of Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle often encounters some bizarre things during his traditional pre-race grid walks, with Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix having been no different.

The ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit as always spoke to several celebrities, whilst he also spoke to Ferrari CEO Piero Ferrari.

Once Brundle finished talking to Ferrari, he decided to go take a look at Charles Leclerc’s car, which was clearly having work done to it.

Brundle and his cameraman tried to get a look at the Monegasque’s SF-23; however, a ring of Ferrari mechanics blocked anybody from seeing what was going on to Leclerc’s car.

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Unsurprisingly, this didn’t stop Brundle, who decided to get on his hands and knees to inform Sky Sports’ viewers what was going on behind the ring of red.

“The car’s up on the stands,” Brundle said, during the Sky Sports F1 broadcast. “There’s sort of a ring of mechanics around so we can’t get too good a look at it.

“They’re taking part of the underfloor off, the plank as it’s known.”

Whilst he was reporting, the ring of Ferrari mechanics tried to block his view, to which he informed them that they “don’t need to do that”.

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“It’s okay you don’t need to do that,” Brundle said to the Ferrari mechanics.

“I don’t know what we can learn from this. They want absolutely nobody to get any view of the work going on.”

Thankfully for Leclerc there was seemingly nothing serious wrong with his car, as he went on to boast some exceptional race pace.

He did very well to recover from a shock Q2 elimination to finish fourth, ahead of team-mate Carlos Sainz.

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Leclerc failed to make it into Q3 on Saturday at the Circuit de Gilles-Villeneuve following further miscommunication with the team, something he was highly critical about in the media pen.

Had he made it into Q3, then he for certain would’ve been a podium contender on Sunday, due to how good his race pace was.

Ahead of qualifying, Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko actually labelled Leclerc as somebody who could threaten Max Verstappen in Montreal, given how strong he looked during free practice on Friday.