‘Ferrari Always Comes Back’: Haas To Stick With Ferrari Despite Poor Form

Haas has a broad technical partnership with Ferrari which has helped them be relatively competitive in Formula One.

The Haas F1 team is planning on remaining loyal to Ferrari despite the Scuderia’s power unit currently being the weakest on the grid and thus costing Haas on-track performance it can ill-afford to lose.

In an interview, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner said he doesn’t think it would be “ethical” for the American racing outfit to ditch Ferrari.

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“I believe in loyalty and Gene [Haas] does too,” Steiner told Motorsport.com.

Continuing, he said: “They have played a significant role in our arrival, they have done well in that regard. Now they are having a hard time, we know that, but I hope these are short-term problems. They will fix it. Ferrari always comes back.

“To take the first opportunity and jump off the ship is not ethical. We wouldn’t be here without Ferrari, so I’ll stick with that.”

Aside from wanting to be loyal to Ferrari, Steiner noted that due to some of their facilities being based in Italy, a partnership with other suppliers would be more difficult.

“We have to see what opportunities there are, but in that case, it is a lot more difficult because part of our infrastructure is set up in Italy.

“We then have to move to England and that is not a cheap job. At the moment it is the best solution for us to work hard on the future together with Ferrari.

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“But if there is a manufacturer who wants to supply us with a power unit for free, we are certainly open to that!” he added.

Haas are currently ninth in the F1 Constructors’ Standings after picking up just one point so far this season.

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s other customer team – Alfa Romeo – is just one place better in the table, with a grand total of four points.

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