Fernando Alonso’s Contract Extension Sparks Major Shifts in Formula 1 Driver Market for 2025

This move has notably limited the options for Carlos Sainz as he looks for a new team after being replaced at Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso’s recent decision to remain with Aston Martin beyond 2025 has significantly influenced the Formula 1 driver market.

This move has notably limited the options for Carlos Sainz as he looks for a new team after being replaced at Ferrari.

According to Ben Anderson, a journalist on The Race Podcast, Alonso’s contract extension impacts several drivers, with five in particular facing uncertain futures in Formula 1 by 2025.

This season has showcased varied performances, with some drivers excelling and securing their positions, while others struggle to make an impact.

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Several teams, like Alpine, are facing difficulties and must upgrade their vehicles to avoid finishing last in the Constructors’ Championship.

However, Alpine’s current drivers, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, seem safe for the next season.

Conversely, drivers from Sauber and Haas, including American Logan Sargeant, are on the verge of losing their spots. Sainz’s potential move to Red Bull or Mercedes could displace another driver.

Sargeant, in particular, has had a challenging season, experiencing technical difficulties and poor performances, raising the possibility of being replaced mid-season by Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

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Sauber is set to become Audi in 2026, aiming to strengthen its lineup ahead of the transition.

This strategic shift might force current drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu to seek other opportunities for 2025.

Haas, on the other hand, is improving, and the arrival of Oliver Bearman next year could pressure current drivers to perform or face replacement.

Anderson highlighted the competitiveness of the driver market, suggesting that financial considerations are becoming less crucial for team decisions, particularly for Haas.

“I think that they would, now that Gene [Haas] seems prepared to turn on the taps again, I think taking the guy with money or commercial opportunities is less important.

“So, I feel like there are five guys who are on the bubble and that’s Zhou. I think Sargeant will go probably at the end of the season, so then it’s out of those four, I imagine Haas will keep one of Magnussen or Hulkenberg whichever’s performing better unless obviously Hulkenberg gets in at Sauber because they can’t get their first option in which case I think Magnussen’s position is strengthened as they’ll like the idea of having a solid guy alongside [Ollie] Bearman at least for one year in the short-term.

“But Bottas is probably an upgrade, so if he comes onto the market he would be a good option for Haas if he wanted to go there.

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“Again, two of those guys are definitely going to go. Sargeant’s probably one so then it’s a case of pick your other.”

Among the drivers under threat, Nico Hulkenberg seems the least likely to lose his place, having performed exceptionally well this season, with notable qualifications and scoring points in multiple races.

Haas values his contribution highly and would likely extend his contract beyond 2025. Audi also shows interest in Hulkenberg, considering him for their team as they prepare to join the grid.