Fernando Alonso speaks out on Aston Martin performance

Fernando Alonso is convinced that Aston Martin have had a better 2023 campaign than McLaren.

Fernando Alonso has revealed that he’s “super proud” of Aston Martin’s efforts this season despite the current threat of McLaren, as the Silverstone-based side have scored 197 points more this season than they had done in 2022 ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

Formula 1 heads to the Circuit of the Americas this weekend for another sprint event, with McLaren being expected to overtake Aston Martin for fourth in the Constructors’ Championship.

The Woking-based outfit sit just 11 points behind, having closed rapidly over recent rounds.

This has been able to happen as McLaren have out-developed Aston Martin, whilst they also have two drivers competing for the leading places.

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Aston Martin can’t say the same, with Alonso having been responsible for 80% of their points, due to the struggling Lance Stroll.

Only a miracle will keep Aston Martin in P4, something the two-time World Champion seemingly recognises.

He openly admits that McLaren have made a “huge step forward” since developing their car compared to Aston Martin; however, he stresses that he’s not “disappointed” with the team given how much progress they’ve made since 2022.

“I think after last winter, what this team have done with the change between ’22 and ’23 I hope we can do something similar,” Alonso said ahead of this weekend, as reported by Motorsport Week.

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“So if it’s very different to this one, and it’s as fast as we started the season, I will be happy.

“I think it’s normal that now you see McLaren and some teams made a huge step forward and you may feel disappointed with our results and, I see that point, but we are not on that page.”

Given that Alonso has only claimed one podium in the last nine races, it’s easy to forget that he started 2023 with six rostrums in the opening eight rounds.

Aston Martin made a sensational start to the season and were the only team initially capable of attempting to challenge Red Bull.

A lack of development is arguably what’s let the British side down, although Alonso is adamant that their progress is “something incredible”.

Their recent struggles has made many think that McLaren have had a better season in the 42-year-old’s opinion; however, he believes that Aston Martin’s campaign has been stronger.

“We are super proud of this 2023, 197 points more at this point this year than last year, which is something incredible,” he added.

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“And yeah, even if you stop someone now in the paddock and you ask which one had a better season? Until now Aston Martin or McLaren, 99% of the people will say McLaren, they are 11 points behind. So, you know, until now, actually, we had a better season than them because we’re still 11 points ahead.

“But it’s true that the final race is where it counts and, what stays in your head and, and this final couple of weekends, we are not up to speed.

“They’ve been better than us in terms of developing the car, so we need to accept that, but 2024 is going to be a different thing.”