Fernando Alonso reveals why he’s disappointed with Formula 1

The FIA introduced major regulation changes in 2022 with the aim of making the grid more competitive.

The FIA have made serious efforts in recent seasons to make the Formula 1 grid more competitive, and prevent the top teams from creating too much of a gap to the backmarkers, like Mercedes had done in the previous era.

A budget cap was introduced in 2021 to limit spending to $145m per season for each team, while the new era of F1 cars are designed to be able to follow each other much closer, allowing for more exciting and competitive racing.

Fernando Alonso stepped away from F1 at the end of the 2018 season, having fallen out of love with the sport and the direction it was heading.

Having returned in 2021 to race with Alpine, Alonso has revealed that his was the promises made by the FIA about the new regulations that enticed him back into F1 despite his age.

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“The new rules were one of the reason I came back,” claimed the Spaniard.

“And yes, it was a bit disappointing for everyone to realise that things haven’t changed dramatically. There are at most two teams that can win races, as has been the case in recent years.

“So we have not yet achieve the result that Formula 1 intended with the new rules.”

While the 41-year-old is disappointed with the impact of the new regulations so far, Alonso remains confident of seeing the smaller teams benefit from the budget cap in the near future.

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“They are very restrictive. There’s not much room left to invent,” he suggested.

“The top teams are pretty close to the limit and the others will catch up.”

Alonso will be hoping to see his wishes come to fruition next season as he completes his move to Aston Martin from Alpine, with the team looking to improve on their poor start to the new regulations.

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The Spaniard how expressed his happiness to have signed with the team in recent weeks, claiming that he is impressed with the talent of the staff at Aston Martin, even boldly claiming that he believes that the team have potential to win championships within the next three years.

Aston Martin are confident of keeping Alonso happy during his time with the team through an open and honest relationship, believing that if they are upfront about their ability and potential, the Spaniard will not become frustrated as he has with McLaren and Alpine in the past.

Alonso has suggested that after he stops racing he would like to continue with Aston Martin, believing that he has a lot of experience to pass on to the team, which could make a real impact on their future ambitions.