Fernando Alonso reveals one thing which would make him quit Formula 1

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso is hoping to ride the team’s resurgence despite a drop off in recent races.

Fernando Alonso, the 42-year-old Spanish racing driver, affirmed his intent to remain in the sport as long as even a slim chance at securing a world championship lingers on the horizon. 

With over two decades of remarkable contributions to the racing world, Alonso continues to defy the sands of time while spearheading Aston Martin’s resurgence in the competitive F1 landscape.

Contrary to the notion of slowing down with age, Alonso confidently asserted that he is a more refined and evolved version of his former championship-winning self from 2006, attributing his enhanced prowess in nearly every facet of the sport.

“I know I don’t have forever, but as long as there’s a one per cent chance of winning the title again, I’ll keep going,” Alonso declared in an exclusive interview with Marca. 

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“If it doesn’t work out as a driver, maybe it will work out in a role outside the car.”

Alonso’s unwavering determination to secure another world championship extends beyond personal glory, as he envisions himself contributing to the construction of a championship-winning team. 

He explained, “If I then win the world championship, that would also give me satisfaction because then I could say I helped build it.”

Drawing attention to the transformative evolution of Formula 1 over the years, Alonso highlighted the stark contrasts between the cars he initially raced and the cutting-edge machines of today. 

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The adaptability required to remain successful in this ever-evolving sport is a testament to his enduring competitiveness.

“When I started in 2001, we still had an ignition switch in a largely analogue car. 

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“But more than two decades later, I see how technology is changing the game,” he reflected. 

“If I had to race against the Alonso of 2006, I’d beat him exactly because of those details!”

Currently bound by his contract with Aston Martin until the conclusion of the upcoming season in 2024, Alonso has indicated that the performance of the 2024 car will play a pivotal role in determining whether he continues to grace the Formula 1 stage for future seasons.