Fernando Alonso reveals if he will sign new Aston Martin contract

Fernando Alonso has outlined his mission to secure a third world championship despite Aston Martin’s recent struggles.

Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula 1 champion, has revealed his intention to sign only single-year contract extensions after 2024. 

As one of the oldest active drivers on the grid, the almost 42-year-old racer accepted an offer from Aston Martin to compete in the 2023 and 2024 seasons, with his primary goal being to secure a third championship title.

“Of course. If not, I wouldn’t race,” Alonso confidently expressed to AS newspaper when asked about his aspirations for another championship. 

He emphasised the immense sacrifices required throughout a Formula 1 season, including extensive travel and intense preparation, all in pursuit of the ultimate goal of becoming a world champion.

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With experience on his side, Alonso acknowledges that success in Formula 1 requires more than just personal ambition. 

Factors such as timing and being in the right place play significant roles in achieving championship glory. 

“Being at the right time in the right place, for example,” he added. 

While Alonso recognises that he is currently in a favourable position, he also remains pragmatic, understanding that certain outcomes are beyond his control.

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Looking ahead to the next chapter of his career, Alonso’s current contract will expire before the major car and engine changes set to take place in 2026. 

The 2025 season will be the final year of the existing regulations era. 

When asked about his plans for the future, the veteran driver indicated that he will take a closer interest in the situation next year.

“I’ll start to interest myself a little more next year,” Alonso explained. 

“Right now, I’ve thought about it, of course, and discussed it with the team – of course. 

“But we have postponed it to the summer of 2024.”

The seasoned racer revealed that he finds enjoyment in the sport and is looking forward to the upcoming challenges. 

While travel and training may take a toll on some, Alonso remains energetic and enthusiastic. 

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He believes that there are moments in a driver’s career when they may feel overwhelmed with the constant racing and travel. 

To maintain a sense of balance and joy, Alonso prefers to sign one-year extensions, enabling him to reevaluate and renew his commitment annually.

“I prefer to enjoy, and if I enjoy, I will renew every year,” Alonso concluded, highlighting his approach to finding fulfilment and success in Formula 1.