Fernando Alonso reacts to Esteban Ocon almost causing huge incident

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon have revealed that there no hard feelings following their competitive on-track duel during the Spanish Grand Prix.

The recent intense battle between former teammates Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon in the Spanish Grand Prix ended with no ill feelings among the drivers. 

Ocon valiantly defended his position when Alonso overtook him on lap 51 to secure seventh place. While Ocon’s late defensive move received criticism from some observers, Alonso stated that his former teammate raced him no differently than any other driver.

When asked about the nature of their battle, Alonso responded, “If it appeared different on TV, I don’t know. I overtook Zhou, Tsunoda, and Esteban, and for me, they all felt the same.” 

The experienced Spanish driver implied that Ocon’s defencive manoeuvres were within the usual scope of racing and not targeted specifically at him.

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Ocon acknowledged the spirited fight with Alonso during the Spanish Grand Prix and expressed his enjoyment of racing alongside the two-time world champion. 

Recognising Alonso’s speed, Ocon revealed that once he saw the Spaniard on the right side, he backed off as he knew he couldn’t keep him behind. 

Despite relinquishing the position, Ocon maintained a positive outlook, stating: “There was no drama at all. It was good racing. I’ve enjoyed it, and I look forward to many more battles with Fernando.”

Elsewhere on the grid, Valtteri Bottas encountered difficulties during the Spanish Grand Prix due to damage sustained on the opening lap, according to his Alfa Romeo team. 

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Xevi Pujolar, the team’s head of track engineering, disclosed that. upon inspecting the car after the race, they identified floor damage likely caused during a skirmish on lap one. The damage affected the car’s performance and led to inconsistencies throughout the race.

Initially, the team attributed the issues to traffic and the challenges of maintaining tire temperature while navigating through slower cars. However, the problems persisted even in free air, hindering Bottas’ pace.

Starting from 16th on the grid, the Finnish driver ultimately finished 19th, with only Logan Sargeant’s Williams behind him. Alfa Romeo now aims to investigate the root cause of the problem and assist Bottas in understanding his experience with the car.