Fernando Alonso chimes in on Cashgate Scandal after controversial FIA move

The FIA are set to hand out certificates of compliance on Monday.

Alpine’s Fernando Alonso trusts that the FIA will deal with any breaches of the financial regulations appropriately.

A $145 million budget cap was brought in last season to manage the team’s spending on development.

It was intended to stop the big teams from having a significant advantage over the smaller teams, who do not have the same abundance of resources.

That had come after years of back-and-forth conversations between the teams and Formula One management (FOM), during which there was no official spending limit in place.

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The FIA ratified a set of financial rules in 2019 that prohibited the teams from spending more than a regulation amount, and it came into effect lasts season.

Monitoring expenditure can be tough, particularly when a team finds a loophole, and that is something Red Bull are reported to have done.

There are also suggestions aplenty that the Austrian team went over the spending limit in 2021, and may even have spent as much as $155 million.

Aston Martin were also mentioned in reports hinting that two teams had gone over, but both the Silverstone-based side and Red Bull have refuted this.

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The FIA were set to finish up their calculations on Wednesday, but they were unable to complete their audits, so a final decision will be made on Monday.

Teams who have stayed within the budget cap will be given certificates of compliance, and those who have not will face punishment.

Consequences can range from a fine to exclusion from the championship standings, so naturally, questions have been raised as to whether Sir Lewis Hamilton may yet be crowned champion of last year.

Alonso put pressure on the governing body to make sure that all rules are adhered to.

“We all expect from the FIA to police as good as possible because we want to race in a good environment,” he said in the press conference ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix.

“It’s a very difficult topic because there’s a lot of things that we need to make sure they’re controlled. 

“The budget cap is one thing but there’s teams with different things – things we need to control a lot. It needs to be well done.” 

The double world champion has not always been a close ally to the FIA, mainly due to stewarding decisions that have gone against him, but he is confident that Mohammed ben Sulayem and his team will maintain the integrity of F1 irrespective of the outcome.

“[Confidence is] very high to be honest, I have a lot of trust in Mohammed and his team,” added Alonso.

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“Still, there’s a few things in the race weekend and other topics that we face. 

“They’re willing to improve and learn which is positive compared to the past, I trust completely what they’re doing and what the outcome will be next week with the cost cap. I have no doubts on anything.” 

Alonso will leave Alpine for Aston Martin next season following the announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement.