Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen discover joint hobby

Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen are good friends despite them finishing together on the podium several times in 2023.

Despite having both finished on the podium at several races this season, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso are anything but rivals, with the duo instead appearing to be good friends.

Throughout this season they’ve often been seen joking around with one another, whilst Alonso has also revealed that he wants to partner the reigning World Champion one day in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Whether their blossoming friendship disintegrates when they do eventually battle on track remains to be seen; however, the Dutchman needs to be caught for that to happen.

Verstappen claimed victory once again on Sunday at the Monaco Grand Prix, with Alonso finishing a country mile behind in second at the Circuit de Monaco.

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Being pipped to pole position ultimately cost Alonso victory on Sunday, with qualifying being so crucial at the iconic venue.

Verstappen miraculously found three tenths in the final sector to claim pole on Saturday, with Alonso having pushed him all the way.

The Red Bull driver isn’t surprised that the 41-year-old remains as fast as he is, with Verstappen noting that Alonso’s form is a “great example” to other people.

“For me, it’s nothing of a surprise. I grew up watching Fernando in F1 and I liked his style, and for him to still be here at 41 it’s very impressive, and I think it’s a great example for people out there,” Verstappen said in the post-qualifying drivers’ press conference.

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Verstappen added that Alonso’s age is by no means an issue in regard to ultimate performance, with the 25-year-old admitting that if you remain “committed”, then there is no reason why you can’t perform at the highest of levels.

“If you stay committed and believe in yourself, believe in the opportunities that come to you, then you can show something like he’s doing right now. But, of course, you need also a lot of natural raw talent with that,” Verstappen said.

When he’s not contesting the podium places, Alonso has been seen around the paddock smelling flowers, something which caught people’s attention at the Miami Grand Prix.

Alonso was caught sniffing flowers in the Miami media pen, with the Spaniard seemingly having a love for flowers and gardening.

He was disappointed to see no flowers in Monaco, with him having asked his team to fit more in the motorhome as a result.

“There are no flowers here. It was only Miami and you and Checo we were talking a lot. So I had to wait in the TV pen for a long time and there were a couple of flowers. I love flowers. The team has now put some extra flowers in the motorhome. I have some in my room as well,” Alonso said.

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Remarkably, it’s not just Alonso who has a love for flowers, with Verstappen having told the Spaniard that he too has “some plants”.

Not only are the duo both unbelievably fast racing drivers but they also appear to share a similar hobby, with Alonso having joked that he’ll go to Verstappen’s house to see his plants “in my free time”.

“I have some plants at home as well,” revealed Verstappen, to which Alonso replied, “I can go in my free time. We talk tomorrow night – depends how aggressive you are in the race!”