Fans mock ‘astronomical’ Miami GP food prices

A hospitality food menu from the Miami Grand Prix was leaked onto social media.

Those who attended last weekend’s Miami Grand Prix with the intention of buying food from the Miami International Autodrome will likely be avoiding social media this week, after the Grand Prix’s food and drink prices were ridiculed by fans.

A photo of one of the hospitality food menus was shared onto social media during the Miami GP, and it’s fair to say a bank loan is required!

Fans quickly shared their disbelief at the astronomical prices, with the most expensive item on the shared menu having been $500.

For $500, you could’ve bought yourself an ‘F1 platter’ for four people, which would’ve seen a group share: “A1A Sliders, Secret Sauce, Ribeye Quesadilla, Chipotle Sauce, Crispy Chicken Tenders and Honey Mustard”.

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For $500, fans would presumably like to know what the “Secret Sauce” is!

With tickets to the Grand Prix having also been extortionate, it certainly wasn’t a cheap weekend for the fans in attendance.

Many ridiculed the prices for being “astronomically high”, whilst others labelled it as “business”.

“Empanada Duo 350$/4 = 87.5$ each,” wrote Sacesss on Reddit.

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“You can eat at many Michelin star restaurants paying 100-130 € each for a 10 course dinner in a great location.

“Obviously prices at the circuit will be high, but this is astronomically high.”

YueBingAllYear comically replied: “And you know they are going to be the worst empanadas of your life.”

Others were quick to laugh at the ‘Watermelon & Tomatillo Salad’ being $250, with one fan joking that it was just “a bunch of cut up fruit”.

“Lmao, $250 dollars for a bunch of cut up fruit. You are having a laugh,” wrote HelloSlowly on Reddit.

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“But hey, that’s business. Gotta make that dough on people with more money than sense.”

Those at the race would’ve seen reigning World Champion Max Verstappen collect his third win of the 2023 season, despite having started from ninth.

Sergio Perez simply didn’t have the pace to match his Red Bull team-mate and had to settle for second, whilst Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso experienced a lonely race on his way to a fourth third-place finish of the season.