Fan insists they’ll ‘riot’ if Martin Brundle grid walks are cancelled

Martin Brundle's pre-race grid walks are famous for awkward moments, typically with celebrities or sporting stars.

A fan has insisted that they’ll “riot” if Sky Sports F1 ever cancel Martin Brundle’s famous grid walks, whilst others lamented an awkward moment he had with heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua.

The ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit conducted his traditional grid walk on Sunday at the United States Grand Prix, where the grid was littered with celebrities.

Several were part of a consortium who have invested £173 million into Alpine, something which was announced ahead of this weekend.

Joshua is one of the individuals in the consortium, with Brundle having been keen to talk to him on the grid.

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However, when Brundle approached the boxer, the former heavyweight World Champion was deep in conversation.

It was a conversation which seemed like it was never going to end, although Brundle was confident that the boxer had noticed that he was waiting to interview him.

“I think he’s seen us,” Brundle said on Sky Sports F1, whilst waiting very patiently.

He did start to get the feeling, though, that perhaps a conversation with the heavyweight boxer wasn’t going to happen.

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“If not, I think we’re going to chat with Rory McIlroy and can come back,” he added.

Several fans noted on social media that the incident was incredibly awkward, with one fan comparing it to waiting for their mum to end a conversation “in the supermarket”.

“Brundle waiting for Anthony Joshua to finish his conversation is like me when I wait for my mum to stop talking to someone in the supermarket,” joked one fan.

Another insisted that Brundle’s grid walks must never end, otherwise they’ll “riot”.

“If they ever get rid of the Martin Brundle grid walk I will riot,” a fan stressed.

Brundle’s patience was eventually rewarded, as Joshua turned to speak to the ex-F1 driver with a typically big smile on his face.

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Joshua was quickly asked about his new involvement with Alpine, to which he noted that “sport is changing”.

“Sport is changing, we’re crossing over and I have a great team that I work with,” said Joshua.

“Obviously, F1 is massive but, hopefully, Alpine can have direct, committed supporters and fans like myself now, who will be here head-to-toe in Alpine gear.”