F1 races – the opening of the season in Bahrain

This year, the Grand Prix of Bahrain should become a record for the number of Formula 1 races. Their number is 24 stages. The 2023 race will begin on March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix at the Sahara Circuit and conclude on November 26 at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi.

The Bahrain Grand Prix 2023, which is the backbone of the Formula 1 calendar, promises another brilliant racing spectacle. The conditions created for the upcoming event will push the pilots to give their all strengths to the maximum. One of the beauties of life is that everyone loves happy stories. Many riders will start the season with high expectations, hopes, and dreams, but during the season, everything can turn out differently. However, it will be extremely important to start the season successfully. All the stars of Formula 1 remember their predecessors who reached heights and look forward to showing themselves as best as possible. Spectators remember the same stuff, so everyone rushes to get 2023 F1 tickets not to miss another historical event.

The beauty of the sport

A lot depends on both the pilot himself and the team that was selected for more than one year or season. This type of sport requires a lot of effort to bring everything to professionalism. It all depends on the skills and abilities that are acquired over time. The environment has a great influence on people and especially on the stars of Formula 1.

Therefore, it is at the same time a difficult but exciting business because you have to deal with emotions or any other problems. All this recedes into the background because you only need to think about the team, which is forced to act cohesively and harmoniously as one single mechanism. Collective work is valued above all because the result depends on each other. It doesn’t matter if someone fills the tank with fuel or changes the wheels, or replaces the racers. All collective actions affect the result.

It is necessary to understand what weather conditions await in the future and what development of the race can be expected, or what strategy to choose. It is all on the shoulders of the team. The pilot’s responsibility is very high because he has to act directly on the track, always be focused and attentive, and, the most important thing is to make decisions quickly in any situation. Because both management and spectators who respect this great sports count on teamwork.

Expectations or high hopes?

Pilots and their teams will fight for the title of world champion in a fierce battle. The Bahrain Grand Prix has a huge number of pleasant memories and countless winners. Every driver and team has the opportunity to prove themselves at their best, demonstrate their capabilities and contribute to the best Formula 1 team.

The Bahrain Grand Prix will once again open the season, and all competitors and spectators are looking forward to the start of the new season in anticipation of the best races and unique races. Moreover, they will be able to observe the new cars and the updated crew of pilots. But in the same way, the spectators have updated and changed, and the world has changed.

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Altogether, everything has moved forward with time. Something has been improved, something has been replaced, and something has been redone. However, the most important thing is that every time you look back, you always see the stands filled.

This amazing sport is close to the heart of the spectators who admire those people or pilots who, at the same time, risk their lives but demonstrate their character to thirst for victory and force the spectators not to take their eyes off the track. Thus, the pilot himself gets adrenaline and shares it with the surrounding world and people who get goosebumps from the speed and endurance of the iron horse controlled by the pilot.

Sports are always developing, and Formula 1 is no exception. Many children are fond of this sport and have already decisively chosen a profession to follow their dreams and their achievements. To the attention of fans of an exciting sport, in addition to the fact that you will be crazy for your pilots who will burn tires on the track. You will have the opportunity in between the busy program of the race to relax on the snow-white beaches of the kingdom, see centuries-old historical monuments with your own eyes, visit museums and colorful markets, and also taste Arabic cuisine.

General Grand Prix 2023 schedule

If you need to plan your trips for 2023 F1, here is the list of stages and events to take place:

  • March 5 – Bahrain Grand Prix (Sahir)
  • March 19 – Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
  • April 2 – Grand Prix of Australia (Melbourne)
  • April 16 – Grand Prix of China (Shanghai)
  • April 30 – Grand Prix of Azerbaijan (Baku)
  • May 7 – Miami Grand Prix (Miami, USA)
  • May 21 – Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna (Imola, Italy)
  • May 28 – Monaco Grand Prix (Monaco)
  • June 4 – Grand Prix of Spain (Barcelona)
  • June 18 – Grand Prix of Canada (Montreal)
  • July 2 – Austrian Grand Prix (Spielberg)
  • July 9 – Grand Prix of Great Britain (Silverstone)
  • July 23 – Grand Prix of Hungary (Budapest)
  • July 30 – Grand Prix of Belgium (Spa)
  • August 27 – Grand Prix of the Netherlands (Zandvoort)
  • September 3 – Grand Prix of Italy (Monza)
  • September 17 – Grand Prix of Singapore (Singapore)
  • September 24 – Grand Prix of Japan (Suzuka)
  • October 8 – Grand Prix of Qatar (Lusail)
  • October 22 – Grand Prix of the USA (Austin)
  • October 29 – Grand Prix of Mexico (Mexico)
  • November 5 – Grand Prix of Brazil (Sao Paulo)
  • November 18 – Las Vegas Grand Prix (Las Vegas)
  • November 26 – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina)


Still in doubt about which event to choose? Trust us, the opening Grand Prix in Bahrain is the variant to opt for! The first event of F1 is always the most breathtaking and long-awaited one. Don’t hold back, and be on time to get the tickets.