F1 considering enforcing massive blow to Red Bull

Red Bull and Max Verstappen are set to be handed a massive setback by Formula 1 bosses.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Formula 1 are considering banning the use of DRS in qualifying, something which would be a huge blow for Red Bull.

Currently in qualifying, DRS is available in all of the activation zones, but potentially not for much longer.

Without DRS, Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari all have very similar top speeds; however, that all changes when DRS is in use.

Red Bull are significantly quicker than both teams when its DRS is activated, with some teams having emphasised the strength of their DRS.

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By taking DRS away from every team in qualifying, the likes of Mercedes would thrive, given that the Brackley-based team are the strongest through the high-speed corners.

Lewis Hamilton was comfortably quicker than Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez through Eau Rouge during the recent Belgian Grand Prix, before losing considerable time down the Kemmel Straight.

Hamilton was almost 6 kph quicker than both Red Bull drivers through Ea Rouge but was 7 kph slower down the Kemmel Straight.

As a result, both Red Bull drivers made up all the time that they lost through Eau Rouge, something which wouldn’t be possible with the removal of DRS from qualifying.

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Whilst it wouldn’t have a huge effect on the racing, given that DRS will still be used as normal, it would give Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren a greater chance of qualifying ahead of Red Bull.

Mercedes’ chief technical officer Mike Elliott revealed at Spa-Francorchamps that Red Bull’s straight-line speed was “unbelievable”, with the Germans having struggled to believe the data they were seeing.

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“It’s unbelievable how much lap time Red Bull wins as soon as the rear wing is open. If we superimpose the speed curves, we can hardly believe it ourselves,” Elliott said, as reported by Auto Motor und Sport.

DRS being banned in qualifying would certainly make Verstappen have to work harder, with him having often breezed into the distance from pole position.

Whilst he may continue to win races, banning DRS in qualifying would likely see him start below the front row more often, something which would force him to complete more overtakes.