EXCLUSIVE: Nikita Mazepin Will ‘Definitely’ Join Haas Next Year

Sources told Formula1News.co.uk that it’s not yet decided who will be driving alongside Nikita Mazepin at Haas.

Nikita Mazepin Haas 2021

Russian Formula Two driver Nikita Mazepin will “definitely” be driving for the Haas F1 Team next year, multiple sources familiar with the matter have told Formula1News.co.uk managing editor Suliman Mulhem.

It’s not clear when the American racing outfit will publicly announce the move, though it was previously reported that they will wait until Mazepin is issued a Super Licence.

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Earlier reports indicated that Mazepin would join Haas on a two-year deal, but our sources were unable to confirm this.

They added that either Callum Ilott or Mick Schumacher will fill the second seat alongside Mazepin at Haas.

This comes off the back of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen announcing that they will be leaving the team at the end of the 2020 Formula One season.

Grosjean said team owner Gene Haas told him that the changes were being made for “financial reasons.”

“I knew probably one of us would go out because the financial situation with COVID has made life difficult for companies around the world,” Grosjean said.

“But when I spoke to Gene, he said: ‘For financial reasons, I need both of you out,’” the Frenchman added.

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Earlier this month, it was reported that Dmitry Mazepin, the father of Nikita Mazepin, was looking to buy the Haas F1 Team to give his son a seat on the grid next year.

Haas were quick to deny this rumour, and the signing of Mazepin now is not linked to a takeover of the team, Formula1News.co.uk understands.

Instead, Dmitry Mazepin will make a financial contribution to the Haas F1 Team in exchange for Nikita being given a drive.

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