Ex-McLaren employee sends stark warning to Max Verstappen’s rivals

Max Verstappen claimed 15 victories last season, breaking the record for the most wins in a single campaign.

Ex-McLaren coordinator Jo Ramirez believes double world champion Max Verstappen is the “modern” day version of Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, who is considered as one of if not the greatest racing driver of all-time.

Senna tragically died as a three-time world champion following his crash at Imola in 1994, with Verstappen set to join the Brazilian and fellow legend Niki Lauda as a three-time world champion if he claims the title this year.

All the odds are very much in the reigning world champion’s favour, with him having comfortably claimed victory at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

No one is currently capable of stopping the Dutchman’s “killer instinct”, with Verstappen being able to extract every ounce of performance from his car.

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Concerningly for the opposition, Verstappen cruised to victory in Bahrain with his car having been turned down for the bulk of the race, highlighting his superiority.

In Ramirez’s eyes, the combination of Verstappen and Red Bull “is almost unstoppable”.

“The guy is very good. He has taken the role of Ayrton Senna in modern F1 and with what car, that team and Adrian Newey is almost unstoppable,” he told Spanish publication AS.

“Checo [Perez] is very good too but lacks Max’s killer instinct.”

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Everything is just working perfectly for Red Bull, with the Austrians being so much more than a well-oiled team.

The Milton Keynes-based team have virtually developed “perfection in almost all areas” according to Ramirez, something the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes are not even within touching distance of.

“Basically the aerodynamics but it is also a team that does not fail and borders on perfection in almost all areas. The pit stops are wonderful,” he added.

Should Verstappen win this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix just as emphatically, then many will likely view the title as over already.

Nothing appears to be halting the Austrians or Verstappen, not even their budget cap penalty for breaching the 2021 cap.

The only thing that could halt Verstappen’s progress is “technical setbacks or accidents”, but when he’s leading the race by over 10 seconds, either of those look unlikely to happen.

“Completely,” he said when asked if Verstappen and Red Bull are unbeatable.

“If they don’t suffer technical setbacks or accidents, yes.  

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“They are in another galaxy and now a circuit arrives in which they are going to fly.

“His supremacy is going to leave us speechless. They are very fast in fast curves and will be far superior to the rest.

“In addition, the fight between Max and Checo will benefit them even more to continue improving.”