Ex-F1 driver escorted away by security after incident with Man City manager

Pep Guardiola dismissed Martin Brundle in blunt fashion during his Sky Sports grid walk.

Martin Brundle’s grid walks are often one of the highlights of Sky Sports’ weekend coverage, as the pundit speaks to drivers, team principals and celebrities that he encounters on his adventures.

The Sky Sports pundit has spoken to some truly massive profiles over the years, for example at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2003 he engaged in a bizarre exchange with Real Madrid left-back Roberto Carlos.

The Brazilian hilariously told Brundle that he could not take part in an interview due to his inability to speak any English, in perfect English.

Brundle was recently snubbed by Brad Pitt in Austin, as the actor was at the Grand Prix to research behind the scenes for his upcoming F1 film, which caused a stir on social media as he was accused of being rude.

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Now in Abu Dhabi, Brundle has had another unpleasant experience on his grid walk, this time from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

The former Barcelona player first attempted to brush off Brundle by telling him that he had already fulfilled more than enough media requirements this weekend.

“I just spoke already with Sky! I spoke twice with Sky,” said Guardiola.

Not deterred by the Spaniard’s attempts to dodge his questions, Brundle decided to adopt a light hearted approach when starting his questioning to Guardiola.

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“Okay, three times lucky then,” he laughed. To which Guardiola was not entertained, replying: “Yeah, I’m lucky.”

Still determined to get his interview with the coach, Brundle asked the reigning champion of English football for his thoughts of the current Premier League season, in which Manchester City trail Arsenal by five points heading into the World Cup break.

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“No, let’s not talk about football today,” replied Guardiola very bluntly, as he then proceeded to turn and walk away from Brundle who was escorted away by security guards.

Abu Dhabi was anticipated by fans to feature one of the best grid walks of the season, as the 2022 finale usually attracts a lot of high-profile guests to the grid, such is the nature of the venue.

Arsenal football Emile Smith-Rowe was more than happy to speak to Sky over the weekend and he provided an update on his current injury situation, but Guardiola’s refusal to cooperate with Brundle left a sour taste in the mouth of viewers.