Ex-F1 champion under investigation for controversial political comments

Nelson Piquet is being investigated for wishing death upon the new Brazilian president.

Nelson Piquet has severely damaged his reputation, firstly making racist and homophobic comments about Lewis Hamilton, and now wishing death upon Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The scenes in Brazil are ones of protest at the moment, with massive groups of protesters forming blockades in main roads and demonstrating against Lula, who’s recent election win has clearly not gone down well with everyone.

Ferrari even saw their convoy of equipment held up by these blockades which further plunged the future of the Grand Prix in Interlagos into doubt, however the convoy has now made it through and it has been confirmed that the race will go ahead.

Piquet was filmed at one of the protests, covered in green paint as he shouted threats and abuse about the new president.

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“We’re going to get Lula, son of a b****, out of here,” he shouted into the camera of a fellow protester.

“That’s it! Brazil above everything, God above everything. It is Lula there in the cemetery, son of a b****.”

The video of these brutal words went virial, with many identifying that it was a three-time F1 world champion in the footage and using it as a vessel for also conveying their thoughts.

The 70-year-old is now under investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office of Brasilia, accused of inciting violence and will most likely be asked to explain his comments and face potential repercussions for his actions.

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“Nelson Piquet is a person of public notoriety and, because of that, he should know his statements have the potential of reaching hundreds of thousands of people,” said an official statement.

A once great driver has seen his reputation tarnished by his actions and comments over the past couple of year and it is a great shame to see such a legendary driver go down this path.

The impact an F1 driver can have has been proven by Lewis Hamilton, who often involves himself in charities and schemes, using the platform he has due to his driving, to spread positivity and help others that need it, the correct way to use such an influence.