Esteban Ocon Has ‘Zero Chance’ of Replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes

Esteban Ocon is one driver who might have considered himself a contender for Hamilton’s seat, but Hughes believes there’s no chance of that happening.

Journalist Mark Hughes discussed on The Race Podcast a driver who might have believed he was in Toto Wolff’s considerations.

Mercedes no longer dominates as they did a few years ago, which significantly influences Lewis Hamilton’s thoughts about his future.

George Russell is committed to staying with Mercedes and sees himself as the leading driver once Hamilton departs, unless Wolff secures his primary target for 2025.

Esteban Ocon is one driver who might have considered himself a contender for Hamilton’s seat, but Hughes believes there’s no chance of that happening.

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This follows Martin Brundle’s statement last week that he doesn’t think the 141-race driver will ever attract interest from a top team.

Two key incidents at the start of the Monaco Grand Prix were crucial, especially for Charles Leclerc’s victory.

Sergio Perez’s collision with both Haas cars brought out the red flag, allowing teams to change tyres and Leclerc to lead a 77-lap procession around Monte Carlo.

The other crash involved both Alpine cars, and team principal Bruno Famin’s comments created more headlines than the expensive shunt after the first corner.

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Esteban Ocon was warned of serious consequences, via The Race, for his actions after an ambitious move on teammate Pierre Gasly.

Ocon’s car was sent spinning into the air after catching Gasly’s back wheel, ruling him out of the rest of the race.

Speculation mounted that reserve driver Jack Doohan might replace Ocon for the Canadian Grand Prix, but this has since been dismissed.

Ocon’s rashness and poor relationship with teammates have been recurring issues throughout his F1 career.

Hughes believes this is why Ocon has ‘zero chance’ of driving for Mercedes next season.

Ocon is still on Toto Wolff’s books, and the Mercedes team principal plans to place him at another team in 2025.

Hughes stated: “There’s always been a little bit of friction around Esteban [Ocon] and I think it’s partly the tough way he’s had to come up.

He’s a natural fighter but I think in terms of integrating with teams and getting on with everyone, there seems to be a trait.

If he was getting into a car and blowing every teammate off he ever had by half a second then that wouldn’t matter, that would be tolerated.

He’s a good driver, he’s at his best an extremely good driver but I would say overall this season he absolutely should be in F1, but he hasn’t done enough for any team to say we must have this driver, it’s absolutely essential we keep this driver.

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And so, if it’s creating problems within the team, I think it could limit his potential and I’ve never seen him as a candidate for a top team.

Earlier in the season when Lewis [Hamilton] announced he was leaving Mercedes, people were quick, including Esteban himself, to link himself up with that possibility.

I always thought there was zero chance, absolutely no way he’s going to Mercedes and there’s a reason he wasn’t put there long before.”