Eddie Jordan reminded about his unpaid debt

Motorsport enthusiast and musical icon Nick Mason has recalled Eddie Jordan’s unpaid debt.

In a new revelation, it has come to light that former Formula 1 team principal Eddie Jordan owes money to legendary Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. 

This revelation has emerged as a consequence of Jordan’s pursuit of a long-cherished ambition. 

Mason, renowned for his rock legacy, has also been a fervent motorsport enthusiast, with his passion intersecting with Jordan’s journey back in 1981.

Mason’s involvement in motorsport is not widely known, but his ties to the racing world run deep. 

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Before his iconic tenure with Pink Floyd, Mason ventured into the realm of motorsport, engaging with teams like Dorset Racing and EMKA Racing. 

It was during this time that his path crossed with Eddie Jordan, the man who would later become a significant figure in Formula 1.

Years before Jordan made his ambitious leap into the high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing, he faced a setback when he missed an opportunity to represent Porsche at the prestigious Le Mans race. 

This opportunity, which slipped through Jordan’s grasp, was an early indicator of his fervour for racing. However, fate had an unexpected twist in store for him.

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In a serendipitous turn of events, Nick Mason emerged as a pivotal figure in Jordan’s racing aspirations. 

Recounting this fateful encounter on the Formula for Success podcast, Jordan reminisced, 

“I met with a guy, Nick Mason. And Nick was an extremely nice, laid-back guy, and he said, ‘Jordan, would you like to drive the car? 

“We won’t talk about the money involved at this moment in time, but I’d like you to drive the car.'” 

The car in question was a BMW, known for being the underperforming entry from EMKA Racing, a team associated with Pink Floyd’s manager, Steve O’Rourke.

However, in an unexpected twist, a recent voice note from Nick Mason, made during a surprise appearance on the podcast, humorously shed light on a different aspect of their shared history. 

“Hi, DC and EJ. I’ve absolutely no idea how Eddie managed to get a drive at Le Mans in that car,” Mason quipped. 

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He then playfully continued, “I do know he still owes money on it, though. And after 30 years, you’d think he might be prepared to put his hands in his pocket. Clearly not.”

This revelation brings to the forefront an intriguing dynamic between two individuals who share a passion for motorsport.

Eddie Jordan’s indebtedness to Nick Mason, although light-hearted in tone, serves as a reminder of their intertwined history.