Does This Horrible Season Mark the End of the Road for Lewis Hamilton?

Last year we had an epic battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen that dragged until the year’s final race. It was an incredible year, and we could see that both drivers deserved to win, despite many different opinions at the end of the race. Another year, Hamilton went on to show why he is one of the best F1 drivers of all time.

We were hoping it would continue into the new year, and maybe we would have a repeat of last year’s battle. However, it hasn’t gone that way, following Hamilton’s early-season woes that have set him far away from the top of the table, taking him below standard like disappointing teams with bad Vegas NFL odds

As a result, we might be seeing a decline in the English Mercedes driver. Or this might just be a bump in the road. We’ve seen how dominant Hamilton can get. Therefore, it would be great to see him back at peak level. But if this is not a stint, does it mean that Hamilton would start considering retirement?

It is not far-fetched since Hamilton is already 37. It won’t be a bad idea to call it quits and try other paths. He has been at the top for a long time, and seeing him decline doesn’t do justice to his illustrious career. In that case, would Hamilton take Jackie Stewart’s advice and move on from Formula 1 racing. 

The 2022 F1 Season So Far

The 2022 season hasn’t gone well for Hamilton, as he hasn’t hit top form since the start. He only got podium finishes a few times and has yet to record a win since the beginning of the year. It has been crazy so far that the driver looks like a shadow of what he was last season. Many troubles have been attributed to Mercedes, but Hamilton is certainly not at his best.

This year seems crazy for the F1 industry, with even Max getting two DNFs at the start of the season. However, it will take some doing for Hamilton to reach the heights he has set for himself for many years. Therefore, many people speculate that this might be a decline for the Brit. His odds are already suffering like top NFL teams that dropped, and their NFL odds changed. 

Two podium finishes in the first nine races of the year are poor by Hamilton’s standard, and he has already finished outside the top 10 even though he didn’t get any DNFs. Therefore, it is clear that Hamilton is not at his best this year.

Mercedes Woes

Mercedes have been showing ominous signs since last year, but they could still ride it. However, it hasn’t been a good year for the team as they’ve fallen to third place on the log with Red Bull and Ferrari leading the race. The racers have been struggling with getting better results with the upgrades, and many fans have complained about getting better cars.

With Mercedes struggling, Hamilton is affected, and as a result, he hasn’t hit the speed needed to take over the other teams. Therefore, he has been struggling alongside his teammate George Russell. In that case, the team has more to do if they want to win more races and compete with others.

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Jackie Stewart’s Advice

With the ongoing problem Hamilton is facing this year, Jackie Stewart has come out to say that with Hamilton’s track record, resigning now would put him on a high. The advice was to ensure Hamilton doesn’t go through the pain of not winning, which can be daunting for a driver of his caliber. 

Undoubtedly, Hamilton already weighed up the option after the incident in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, it won’t be wrong if he decides to end his already illustrious career. Thus, Stewart thinks the Brit is one of the best drivers in the history of the sport, and in that case, he would be at the top of his game. 

Our Thoughts

The team continues to try ways they can get better and compete with others. However, it hasn’t been easy, but we can see some improvement from Hamilton, especially at the Canada GP. Therefore, we might be seeing growth in the team, and things are looking up. 

In that case, we might see Hamilton return to his top form before the end of the year. However, at 37, it won’t be a bad idea for the veteran to take a step back and retire from active racing. So, others can enjoy their time and continue to get better odds like the top NFL lines