‘Disturbing images’ in Hungary as Max Verstappen fans call Lewis Hamilton supporters the n-word

A photographer was also allegedly struck by a member of security.

Following the events of the Austrian and British Grand Prix earlier this season, some Dutch fans at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend have been perpetrating abuse in Budapest this weekend too.

In Silverstone, there was a mass brawl between spectators that saw two men hospitalised, while Max Verstappen received boos from the fans, a year after there had been cheers at some parts of the track following his crash with Sir Lewis Hamilton.

In Austria, some fans revealed that there had been discriminatory behaviour as well as sexual harassment, while Hamilton’s crash in qualifying was cheered.

The orange army are present again in Budapest this weekend to support Max Verstappen, pictures emerged of some fans burning Hamilton merchandise, as detailed by journalist Jennie Gow.

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“Seen some disturbing images this morning of more fans burning Hamilton merchandise,” she tweeted.

“Thanks for bringing it to our attention. If you’re here in Hungary, how are things in the grandstands? Is everyone ok? The atmosphere seems good but hard to really tell…”

A series of fans came forward, including one that revealed racist abuse towards Hamilton from fans when they spotted that she was there to support the seven-time champion.

“I am sitting at grandstands with Hamilton flag and received only positive comments,” said one spectator at the race this weekend.

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“However, when I was walking around to explore fan activities, several drunk people made some n* comments to my flag and Hams merch. I am alone at GP, female and comments were made by drunk men.”

Another divulged that they had experienced some passive aggressive behaviour from more fans upon arriving with Hamilton merch.

“Tense, in a word – we didn’t see / experience any particular abuse, but being dressed in Mercedes / LH merch meant there was a lot of pointing fingers / whispering / laughing in the grandstands… not the end of the world, but it did sour the day a little bit,” they replied.

Mark Thompson, a photographer at the event, was allegedly struck by a member of security, and the latest cases of violence and abuse arises amid Formula 1’s campaign to phase it out of the sport.

“Formula 1 is all about competition and rivalries, but also respect,” read a statement.

“Respect as competitors, respect for our fans, respect for the whole F1 family.

“Abuse of any kind is not welcome online, or anywhere in F1.

“We are united and ask you all to join us in driving this out of all sport and society. We have a duty to call this out and say – ‘no more.’

“Those who hide behind social media with abusive and disrespectful views are not our fans. If you cannot be respectful, then don’t be part of our sport.

“Drive it out. Together.”

Aerospace engineer, Bryson Sullivan, called for more action against the horrible actions of some spectators.

“What concerns most of us is this persistent theme of ‘escalation,’” he tweeted.

“What might they decide to burn next, effigies? This is a trend in the wrong direction, and decisive action now (or lack thereof) could set the tone for the foreseeable future…”

George Russell claimed his maiden pole position with a sensational lap on Saturday.