Developer of viral app admits they could face Formula 1 lawsuit

A new application which vastly improves the viewing experience of Formula 1 has gained popularity.

In Formula 1 there is so much to track, as ten teams and 20 drivers make their way around the circuit for over an hour during a Grand Prix.

Not only are their 20 different cars to keep your eyes on, there is an abundance of data available to fans to help them better understand what is going on in the race.

There are lap times, radio messages, sector times, tyre data and much more that all add context to a Grand Prix.

Until now it has been pretty much impossible to keep track of all of this data at once, but now there is a way to see it live at the same time.

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Multiviewer is an unofficial desktop client for F1TV Access and F1TV Pro that allows fans to see lap times, onboard footage and much more all on one screen.

Sky Sports’ broadcast experience allows you to choose one driver to focus on but cannot rival Multiviewer’s ability to show all 20 onboards at once.

More than 40,000 people used Multiviewer during the Bahrain Grand Prix to get the best viewing experience possible, with one fan on social media even showing that he had multiple TVs so he could watch the onboards and see all the data at the same time.

The creator of the app wishes to remain anonymous, and this is down to the legal complications with the app, as it is currently unsure if Multiviewer breaches F1’s terms of service.

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“It’s against the terms to develop it,” he said.

“But it’s not providing access to anything you wouldn’t otherwise have access to with your legally acquired subscription. So you can see it as a specialized browser.”

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The argument for the app being allowed is supported by the fact that you need an F1TV or F1TV Pro subscription to use the app, meaning that no footage is being illegally streamed to non-paying fans.

It is currently unclear whether Formula 1 plan to take down Multiviewer or whether they will be happy to allow the app to continue running.

The founder of the app has said that he would happily work with F1, meaning that the ultimate viewing experience could soon be a part of regular broadcasting.