‘Definitely not helping’: Max Verstappen not looking forward to 2024

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has stated he’s questioning his long-term future in Formula 1.

Max Verstappen, the current dominant force in Formula 1, has voiced his reservations about the extended 2024 F1 calendar, stating that it raises doubts about his long-term future in the sport. 

Despite his recent string of successes, including winning the last two world championships and being on track for a third this season, Verstappen has hinted on multiple occasions that he may consider leaving the grid earlier than expected, citing various reasons.

The latest factor potentially impacting his decision is the expansion of the F1 calendar, which was unveiled earlier this week. 

While efforts have been made to enhance logistical convenience, with Verstappen offering a relatively positive response, the sheer number of races, totalling 24, has led him to question whether he wishes to continue in the sport in the long run.

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Verstappen’s current contract with Red Bull runs until the end of 2028, and it is expected that he will honour that commitment. 

However, based on his recent statements, it would be a significant surprise if he were to depart from the grid, considering the current state of affairs in F1.

Regarding the extended calendar, Verstappen expressed his thoughts, saying, “It is too many for me, but we just have to deal with it. 

“I think it is a bit more logical the way it’s planned at least, I guess that’s better for everyone. 

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“More things have to come together for me to make my mind up if I stay longer or not. 

“All these things are definitely not helping, for sure.”

The 2024 season is set to commence in Bahrain on the first weekend of March, with a Saturday evening race to respect Ramadan instead of the traditional Sunday. 

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The following week, the same format will be adopted for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 

The calendar then takes the sport to Australia and the Far East, with the Japanese Grand Prix moving forward to April from its usual late-season slot. 

Additionally, the Chinese Grand Prix is expected to make a comeback after several years of COVID-19-related concerns.