David Crofts’ simple solution to hurt Red Bull, increase overtaking

David Croft, a Sky Sports F1 commentator, has urged Formula 1 bosses to make a simple change to hurt Red Bull and increase overtaking.

Sky Sports commentator, David Croft, has posited that F1 should remove blue flags from the sport to make races more interesting.

At the front of the grid, this season has been criticised for a lack of competition, with Max Verstappen taking first place becoming a given. 

Red Bull has won 12 out of 12 races – the longest winning streak in the sport’s history.

Croft believes that the drivers of the fastest vehicles – Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez – are heavily aided by the blue flags.

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These flags are raised to warn a driver that they are about to be overtaken, meaning they have to make way.

Red Bull’s RB19 has had no trouble getting past the back markers time and time again so far this season.

While Red Bull’s first-placed podium finish is currently a near-certainty, there are other interesting battles occurring on the circuit.

McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin have all duked it out to be the “best of the rest.”

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The four worst teams on the grid are neck and neck on the Constructor Standings and have provided some exciting battles.

Croft believes if the blue flags were removed, these clashes could create some “much-needed jeopardy.”

This jeopardy may cause Red Bull to lose out on a pole position.

When asked about what changes he’d make to F1, Croft replied: “I think a simplification of the rules because they’re getting a bit too complicated.

“We need to find a way to simplify it and just put the show first occasionally.

“Ban blue flags because if you’re good enough to be leading a race, you’re good enough to pass a driver who’s not leading the race.

“They’re (already) last without them having to jump out of the way.

“It might make things a lot more interesting as well.

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“You could do that without any investment in the sport, without any engineering challenges whatsoever.

“With the wave of a flag, you could get rid of something I just think is unnecessary.

“Other motorsport categories don’t have blue flags.”