Daniel Ricciardo reveals if he’s waiting for Red Bull to fire Sergio Perez

Daniel Ricciardo has previously stated that he plans to return to full-time racing in Formula 1 next year, following a season away from the sport.

Daniel Ricciardo was in good spirits at Red Bull’s launch of the RB19 last Friday, as the Australian driver prepares for his season behind-the-scenes, as the Austrian’s development driver.

The 33-year-old will spend the vast majority of his year in the team’s simulator and in marketing campaigns for the team, given his popularity in the United States in particular.

Ricciardo is also expected to complete some tests for the team, which will perhaps be his only chance to drive the team’s 2023 car, unless Max Verstappen or Sergio Pérez are forced to miss a session.

When he’s not doing bits for the Milton Keynes-based outfit, he’ll be enjoying his year off from the sport, something he “personally” admits he really needs.

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He’s committed, though, to “really try and help” Red Bull when he is working for his former team, with the eight-time race winner feeling “very happy” to be back with the Constructors’ Champions.

“I think really for me my mindset is to really try and help the team,” he told Sky Sports News.

“I will give everything I can in the simulator, the races I go to I’ll be in the meetings and I have no problem talking to Max and Checo [Perez], trying to share any insights and try to be the best team member I can. That’s really where my heads at.

“I think as well because I personally I do really want the time off, I’m not waiting like, ‘give me that chance’. I’m very happy to be where I’m at right now.”

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With the forthcoming season rapidly approaching, it won’t be too long until conversations regarding 2024 get underway.

Ricciardo has previously stated that he’s aiming to return to the grid next year should a good option come up, with the Aussie expecting to know “before the summer” if he wants to race again or not at the pinnacle of motorsport.

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“I think I’ll get my answer [on whether I want to return] inside… an internal feeling,” he added. 

“I’m sure I’ll get that before the summer once the season starts, once I’ve been in the sim and gone to a few races.

“I think I’ll get my answer what I truly want to do and yeah, work towards whatever that is.”