Daniel Ricciardo not surprised McLaren favoured Lando Norris with upgrade

Lando Norris will start the Singapore Grand Prix in sixth.

Daniel Ricciardo confirmed in Singapore that he will not receive McLaren’s new upgrade until the Japanese Grand Prix.

Due to the budget cap this year, it is more difficult for teams to get two versions of the same upgrade ready at the same time, so most of them have been giving the changes to one driver first.

In Singapore this weekend, McLaren rocked up to the paddock with changed sidepods and a revisions to the fences, as well as the front of the floor.

However, they can only be found on Lando Norris’ car, with Ricciardo set to receive his next weekend.

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The Australian is set to leave McLaren at the end of the season, so development for next year is better carried out by his team-mate, who will driving the car in 2023.

This, ultimately, is why the 22-year-old has been given the new package before Ricciardo, as McLaren look to launch an assault on the top three teams next year.

“We’ll both have it in Japan but, this weekend, it’s just him,” Ricciardo said.

“I guess the next question is, why him? A lot of it’s development, in [terms of the] direction [for] 2023, so it’s pretty much that. 

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“Obviously, he’s here next year, I’m not, so for him to get another weekend to give the team feedback and obviously direction for next year, that’s ultimately the reason.”

The eight-time race winner believes that this is the last change McLaren will be implanting on this year’s car before they switch their developmental focus on next season.

If there is anything more to come though, Norris will be the likely recipient of it.

“This weekend, he gets the update but, as far as I know, [in] Japan, I’ll have exactly the same as him,” added Ricciardo.

“Look, obviously, moving forward, maybe if there’s one other… I think this is it now, this will be our last update. I would say, as of Japan, we’ll have the same. I foresee us having the same stuff until the end of the year. 

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“Again, if there is maybe one part with a view of ’23, I’ll probably assume he gets it, but I think this weekend is probably the only one where there’ll be that difference.”

Ricciardo was eliminated in Q1 in Singapore on Saturday night, before Norris made it all the way up to sixth.

The Briton described qualifying as a “great day” for him, as he aims to try and score his second podium of the season in what could be a wet race on Sunday.