Daniel Ricciardo makes embarrassing revelation about Max Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo has returned to Red Bull to serve as a development driver for 2023, with the Aussie having previously claimed seven wins for the Austrians.

Daniel Ricciardo was in great spirits at Red Bull’s launch of their 2023 challenger last Friday in New York, with the fan favourite having taken part in a game of ‘Who is most likely to?’.

The Red Bull development driver was as smiley and bubbly as ever at the launch, with him seemingly being incredibly happy to have returned to the Austrians.

Following the launch, Ricciardo gave his honest opinion on several of the drivers on the current grid, whilst being asked several questions.

“Who is most likely to leave their passport at home?” Ricciardo was asked first.

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“Lando [Norris]. 100% Lando,” Ricciardo replied, throwing his former McLaren team-mate under the bus!

Another one of Ricciardo’s former team-mates might be having words with him after revealing something remarkable about them, especially given their status as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all-time.

“Most likely to stall their own car?” the Aussie was then asked.

Ricciardo answered: “Max [Verstappen]. I don’t think he can still drive a manual, I’m not sure he can.”

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To think that the double World Champion can’t drive a manual car is mind-boggling to believe, but it at least gives several fans the chance to say that they can do something which the Dutchman can’t!

“Most likely to pick up the bill at dinner?” Ricciardo was then asked.

“Lewis [Hamilton]. Yeah he got the last one actually, so have to shout him out,” Ricciardo answered.

Ricciardo’s answer to this question is due to the fact that the seven-time World Champion paid for the drivers’ meal ahead of the 2022 season finale, with all 20 drivers having gathered together to celebrate Sebastian Vettel’s retirement.

“Most likely to become a part-time DJ?” was the next question Ricciardo was asked.

“Lando,” Ricciardo unsurprisingly said, with the Brit often seen on the mixing decks in Monte-Carlo with Verstappen.

Ricciardo was then asked who was most likely to, “break their New Year’s resolution on the first day?”

“I’m gunna say Charles [Leclerc],” Ricciardo said, after thinking for a while.

“Become a social media influencer?” Ricciardo was then asked.

“George Russell,” Ricciardo said whilst laughing.

“He’s already got it dialled. Topless. He loves it,” Ricciardo joked.

Russell is often made fun of by other drivers for constantly posting topless photos on social media, hence why Ricciardo predicts that the Mercedes driver would become an influencer.

“Cry during a sad movie?” was the next question.

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“Me,” Ricciardo laughed.

The Aussie was then finally asked who was most likely to “get a speeding ticket?”

“Tsunoda. Yeah Yuki,” Ricciardo replied.