‘Damn we’re screwed’: Fake news spreads about Christian Horner

Christian Horner has endured a mixed reception from fans over recent years following Red Bull's comeback.

It appears that Formula 1 Twitter has perhaps reached a new low, with fans believing a comical tweet posted by what appears to be a Charles Leclerc fan account.

The tweet is in reference to American actress Jenna Ortega, who is currently dominating entertainment headlines following her lead role in the Netflix’s newest hit-series ‘Wednesday’.

The series is completely based around the life of Wednesday Addams, from the famous Addams family.

The series, which is currently trending as the Number 1 show on Netflix in the UK, follows Wednesday as she is sent to Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts.

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Whilst there she gets up to endless mischief to solve a mystery, one which fans have thoroughly loved to watch.

With that in mind, you might be wondering how Ortega has been linked to Formula 1 and, comically, Christian Horner.

Due to Ortega having found incredible fame as a result of the show’s success, fans have been making jokes linking Ortega to a certain person.

In this case, the joke is in regard to Horner, who a fan has made up as being on Ortega’s ‘do-not-talk about list’.

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The account then quotes Ortega as having said: “If anyone ever mentioned that man in my house, they’re instantly kicked out.”

The quote is actually in reference to if anyone plays the popular dance song ‘Dance Monkey’ in her house, something she revealed during a quick game on Netflix to promote the show.

The real quote states: “If anyone ever played that in my house, they’re instantly being kicked out.”

The account in question has therefore added a comical twist onto the quote, which some fans have actually believed.

“We have so much in common,” commented one user.

Another said: “Now I like her even more than I did after watching Wednesday Addams.”

One went even further and explained that they used to work with Horner.

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“As someone who used to work with him I would say that’s pretty much my stance, the man isn’t very pleasant and is quite rude and arrogant, he never apologised for nearly running me over!”

Most, though, were quick to point out that the quote regarding Horner was fake and that “we’re screwed” if people really believe it.

“People really believe this tweet. Damn we’re screwed,” joked another.