Cryptic Porsche post sparks rumours of Williams deal

Porsche have expressed their intent on joining Formula 1 in 2026, with Williams being a speculated option.

Fans have attempted to decipher a cryptic social media post uploaded by Porsche on their Formula E Instagram page, with the only post on the account now being a teaser video.

The account has seemingly deleted every Formula E post, in exchange for a video of a television, with its screen being incredibly fuzzy.

Fans have been quick to guess what the image on the TV could be, with one social media user believing that it is actually a photo of Williams founder Frank Williams, wearing a pair of headphones.

When looking closely at the post, it does in fact look like Frank, leading many to speculate that the German manufacturer are going to announce a partnership with the Grove-based team.

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Porsche have expressed their intent on joining the grid in 2026, with the side having seen serious talks with Red Bull breakdown after demanding too much from the Austrians.

Porsche aren’t the only company to be linked to Williams, with Gulf Oil having also been speculated as a soon-to-be announced partner of the British outfit.

According to Porsche, the reason behind the confusing post will be announced today, meaning fans won’t have to wait long to discover what on Earth is going on!

Some have questioned why Porsche has opted to delete all the posts from their Formula E page in order to post today’s video, especially after the manufacturer claimed a one-two at last weekend’s season-opening Mexico City E-Prix.

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Given that the Germans have used their Formula E account to post the video, perhaps the clip has nothing to do with Formula 1 and is instead to do with their factory team in the all-electric series.

Since the post was uploaded, GPFans Global have revealed that Williams have stated that “the rumours that Williams Racing is up for sale are inaccurate”, so those questioning whether it has anything to do with F1 could actually be correct.

Whilst Williams aren’t selling the team, Porsche could still be announcing that they are partnering the team from 2026 when the new engine regulations are introduced, something that the side backmarker side are open to discussing.