‘Completely Absurd’: Sebastian Vettel Slams F1 For Being A ‘Pointless Waste Of Resources’

Sebastian Vettel also criticised F1 for not setting ambitious enough targets with regards to becoming greener and more sustainable.

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Four-time F1 Wold Champion Sebastian Vettel has slammed the sport for being a “pointless waste of resources” and for not setting sufficiently ambitious targets with regards to becoming greener and more sustainable.

Speaking this week, Vettel said: “An amount of 10 percent of biofuel will only become mandatory in F1 from 2022.

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“As things stand today, it will only rise to 30 percent with the new engine regulations. That would be from 2025/2026 at the earliest. I find that very, very disappointing.

“Because by 2025 there will surely be fuel stations for everyone that sell fuel from 100 percent renewable energies. Where is F1’s pioneering role in the field of technology?” the German added.

Continuing, he hit out at Formula One for being wasteful, especially amid the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

“In some races, fighter jets fly over the finishing straight, an empty commercial aircraft fly over the starting grid.

“Some sponsors use it for advertising, some countries perhaps to demonstrate their power. I think it’s outdated and a pointless waste of resources.

“Completely absurd that it was done during a pandemic season, with no spectators in the stands. If we open our eyes and develop our awareness, we will find many things that are unnecessary.

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“Why shouldn’t F1 lead the way? A signal for other sports. An opportunity again,” he added.

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