Clarkson Slams Hamilton For Being ‘Woke’: ‘We All Want To Throw Something At Him’

Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson criticised Sir Lewis Hamilton for deciding to “go woke.”

British TV personality Jeremy Clarkson has slammed Sir Lewis Hamilton and claimed that the seven-time World Champion gets booed at every grand prix.

Hamilton, who is chasing his eighth F1 crown, currently trails Max Verstappen by 12 points.

The pair have been locked in a fierce season-long battle, and Clarkson said that while the Dutchman remains popular, Hamilton has annoyed many F1 fans.

In his latest column in The Sun, Clarkson wrote: “Every race weekend, Lewis Hamilton gets out of his car and thanks the crowd – presumably hoping we at home can’t hear them booing.

“It happens everywhere he goes, whether he wins or loses.

“People love Max Verstappen but they’ve taken a noisy dislike to Lewis. The problem is that Lewis has changed.

“When he first came on to the scene he was bright and talented and normal – and everyone loved him.

“But then he decided to go woke and right-on and more politically correct than a student union AGM.”

Continuing, Clarkson noted that “after the murder of George Floyd, he had Mercedes paint the cars black, he talks about how he’s now green because he sold his jet and has urged everyone to be vegetarian.

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“All this might work well on social media but in the real world, where people live, it doesn’t work at all.

“And this is a problem for the green movement. They get Lewis to be a mouthpiece thinking he’ll convert the rest of us.

“But instead, we all just want to throw something at him,” he added.

Hamilton has previously said he will be unrelenting in his activism, so he will almost certainly be unaffected by Clarkson’s latest criticism of him.

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