Christian Horner urged to copy Toto Wolff amid Cashgate saga

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has found himself in hot water amid the Cashgate Scandal.

Former Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports commentator, Martin Brundle, reckons Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, should sign a document outlining his commitment to following the rules amid his team’s breach of the financial regulations.

Red Bull, as well as the other nine teams on the grid, had a $145 million imposed on them in 2021, and Ross Brawn, managing director for Formula 1, said back in 2019 that the new rules had “teeth.”

The outlook changed significantly between 2019 and 2021, not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the budget was lowered to its final figure from the initial $175 million.

Having documented their expenditures and submitted them for review, the FIA took a few months to go over them and make sure everything added up.

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Sadly for Red Bull, the governing body did not find that to be the case with them, because they believe the four-time champions have spent more than $145 million.

They have confirmed that the breach is a minor one, so the Austrian side did not spend any more than $152.25 million, and the figure is estimated to be around $147 million.

Many jokes have been made about the catering overspend that is thought to have led to the breach, but Red Bull remain adamant that they did nothing wrong.

The most likely punishment for a minor overspend is a fine, but doing away with $2 million more than was permitted can go a long way.

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“[The estimated overspend] could be a new front wing or a floor or something like that,” said Brundle on the Any Driven Monday show on Sky Sports.

“All of the teams, somehow or other, will be making the absolute most of their interpretation of these regulations.”

Brundle also reckons that Horner should sign a contract mandating that he keeps everything above board.

“Also, the corporate governance of Mercedes-Benz, for example, means that they can’t be seen to breach something like this,” he explained.

“That needs to be the same for all teams. I’d like to think, and I understand it to be the case, that someone like Toto has to sign a document to comply with these.

“Christian Horner at Red Bull, all the key personnel and financial personnel should be personally locked into this. 

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“That’s a critical area, so that they’re responsible and accountable, as well as their company, in being transparent and honest with these numbers.”

Aston Martin, meanwhile, have been found guilty of a procedural breach, and they are yet to publicly respond.

Max Verstappen won his second consecutive title last weekend, by taking victory at the Japanese Grand Prix.