Christian Horner tears apart Toto Wolff jibe

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has bemoaned the lack of competition in Formula 1, as Red Bull runs away with the season.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has responded to Toto Wolff’s recent comments, where the Mercedes boss likened Red Bull’s RB19 car to making its competitors look like “F2 cars” after Max Verstappen’s dominant victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Horner emphasised the team’s focus on every detail and their commitment to race performance, leading to their record-breaking 12th consecutive Formula 1 race victory.

In the aftermath of Verstappen’s impressive 34-second lead over his rivals at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Wolff had expressed his view that Formula 1 currently resembles a two-tier series, with Red Bull’s performance being unmatched. 

However, Horner dismissed the notion of any particular magic formula and attributed the team’s success to an all-encompassing approach, leaving no area unattended to.

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“At the moment, that is just the way that the team is working, it’s all about the details,” Horner stated, highlighting the team’s meticulous attention to every aspect of their performance. 

He emphasised the strong strategy and quick pit stops as just a few examples of their collective effort to achieve results.

While discussing the team’s occasional weaknesses, Horner acknowledged that variable starts had been an Achilles’ Heel. 

Nevertheless, he praised Verstappen’s dedication to improving in this area, working closely with the engineers at Red Bull and Honda to deliver a strong start when it mattered most.

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Verstappen’s narrowly missed pole position was a testament to the team’s focus on race performance rather than one-lap pace. 

Horner pointed out that while they may not always secure pole positions, their primary focus has been on race-day performance, where they have consistently demonstrated their strength.

Achieving a new record for consecutive Grand Prix victories, breaking the 35-year-old record set by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in McLaren’s dominant 1988 season, Horner expressed immense pride in the team’s achievement. 

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He praised the collective effort of the entire team and acknowledged the quality of the opposition they face.

Looking ahead, Horner remained modest, choosing not to dwell on the possibility of winning every single race in the season. 

He acknowledged the upcoming challenges at Spa and highlighted the importance of taking one event at a time.