Christian Horner set for the sack as Porsche deal stalls

Porsche were set to supply Red Bull with power units from 2026.

Red Bull Racing and Porsche’s deal for 2026 looks like it may be off, as the German manufacturer set their demands too high for what the Austrian team are prepared to give away.

The plan was for Porsche to join the sport in 2026 as a power unit supplier for Red Bull, when the sport’s new engine regulations will be introduced.

The VW-owned manufacturer is demanding a 50 percent stake in the team, much more than the team wants to sell.

This would see Porsche become equal owners of the team, in what was reportedly going to be a 10-year deal.

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One of the rumoured stalling points is that Red Bull still want to work on the powertrain for 2026, having recently opened their very own powertrain department.

Porsche are supposedly against this, something which has caused concern among Red Bull’s hierarchy.

Team principal Christian Horner is also believed to be concerned that he’d be sacked if Red Bull agree to give Porsche an equal stake in the team, with McLaren F1 Team boss Andreas Seidl top of Porsche’s list to replace him.

Seidl has a good relationship with the German manufacturer, having previously worked for their World Endurance Championship team.

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“We hear rumours about Christian Horner and the new deal with Porsche,” F1 journalist Olav Mol told GP33.

“According to our sources, Christian Horner is afraid that he will be fired if Porsche takes control of Red Bull.”

Horner has been in charge of Red Bull for almost 20 years, having taken up his role in 2005.

The Red Bull boss was asked about how the negotiations were going at last weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, where he failed to give too much away.

“There’s not really too much to report,” Horner said.

“We’ve consistently said we are pushing on with Red Bull Powertrains. It’s making great strides, with our first fire-up of the first ever Red Bull engine a couple of weeks ago.

“So 2026 is a long way away and we are very focused on our plan, on the engine we are producing, with the talent we are bringing into the team.

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“It’s great to see Audi coming into the sport and anything Red Bull would consider would have to fit in with the long-term strategy of the team. There’s plenty of time ahead.”

Whilst many at Red Bull are against Porsche’s intentions on an equal share of the team, Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz is said to be happy with the terms.

Its led to some believing that there may well be tensions behind the scenes at the likely 2022 Constructors’ Champions.