Christian Horner sends demand to FIA about $7mn fine

Red Bull will pay $7 million in one instalment as part of their punishment for breaching the 2021 budget cap.

Red Bull have been found to have gone over the 2021 budget cap by 1.6 percent which while it is much less than initially rumoured, is still a minor breach and has been punished accordingly.

The team from Milton Keynes have been fined $7m which must be paid by the end of November, alongside having their CFD and wind tunnel testing time cut by 10%, which is a massive amount when you consider that the constructors’ championship winners will already have less time than their rivals due to the finishing order deciding the time allocated.

Red Bull team principal has now demanded that the money that will be paid by the team should be used to help fund other racing series that could benefit from the money.

“It’s an enormous amount of money and obviously it’s down to the FIA what it chooses to do with that money,” said Horner.

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“We just hope it gets put to good use.

“Obviously, we see championships that are struggling at the moment and hopefully it can do some good.”

Horner may have been referencing the W Series, which was forced to curtail its season early due to financial troubles, with some doubting if it will ever be able to return.

Horner has also highlighted that there are flaws in the budget cap rules, with the team principal having previously discussed how his team may have misinterpreted the complex set of rules.

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“The amount of money we will receive from Liberty [Media] this year will exceed the cap itself.

“So Formula 1 is in rude health, sponsorship income is strong, and the commercial revenue.

“It’s why the cost cap does need looking at because you have a prize fund exceeding the cap for the first three of four teams.

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“Even the teams at the back of the grid are probably going to have 70 to 80 percent of their costs covered by the prize fund.”

With Aston Martin being found guilty of a procedural breach it is understandable why some may request the FIA to look through their rulebook and make it clearer for teams to abide next year.

2021 was the first year of the new cap and therefore it is hoped that teams and governing bodies can all learn from the ‘cashgate’ sage and form a better future for Formula 1.