Christian Horner rubs salt into Mercedes and Ferrari’s wound

Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, says that he does not wish to see more competition in the sport.

Christian Horner has expressed his delight at Red Bull’s utter dominance of the F1 arena this season and doesn’t want anything to change for “years to come.”

Red Bull has won 12 out of 12 races this season, as well as all three Sprint races.

Max Verstappen takes the lion’s share of this achievement having won 10 races – eight of them on the bounce.

Sergio Perez claimed a couple of pole positions early in the season before slumping in form.

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Horner dismissed complaints that the extent of Red Bull’s command over the sport reduces enjoyment for fans.

The Austrian said: “There’s not one ounce of me that wishes that [the sport is more competitive]. I think I’m still in recovery from 2021.

“And look, results like [Spa] are the combination of teamwork and that’s why you guys have seen Greg [Reeson]… go and get the constructors’ trophy today.”

“I think that it’s a golden moment for our team.

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“It’s phenomenal to go into the summer break unbeaten in both GPs and sprints.

“It’s beyond everybody’s wildest imagination to be in sitting in this position now.”

The team’s Austrian advisor, Helmut Marko, agrees with Horner’s sentiment and is keen to make F1 history this season.

The 80-year-old wants Red Bull to remain unbeaten throughout the entire 2023 season.

Asked if he thought this was a realistic prospect, Marko said: “If you think logically, then no.

“But we never thought that we could win the first 12 races either, so now I have to say: ‘Why not’?

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“I didn’t expect [Red Bull’s dominance] at all. We’ve just developed our own car and we were honestly surprised that the others didn’t do a good job.

“Both Mercedes and Ferrari didn’t make a step forward. That is why we are so far ahead now.

“The opposition behind us keeps changing. One time it’s Ferrari, one time it’s McLaren and then it’s Aston Martin or Mercedes who is behind us.”