Christian Horner reveals how he and Toto Wolff are similar

Christian Horner has been Red Bull's team principal since they joined the sport back in 2005.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has described himself and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff as “dinosaur-type of characters”, with the duo having been around for a long time.

Whilst Wolff has been Mercedes’ team principal since 2013, Horner has led Red Bull since they joined the championship in 2005.

Since then, Horner and Wolff have seen a lot of team principals come and go, whilst the role of team principal has also changed considerably.

Horner admitted that the team principal meetings now have become “more technical” than “entrepreneurial”, due to the role having changed so much since 2005.

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“You look around the room [at a team principal meeting] now and maybe it’s me just getting older, but there are more managers there and it’s gotten more technical than the entrepreneurial side,” said Horner on ESPN’s Unlapped podcast.

“So I suppose Toto and myself are perhaps two of the more of the dinosaur-type of characters compared to some of the others. even though I’m still on the younger side of the team principles.

“But the dynamic and the definition of what a team principal is these days is very different to when I first came into the sport.”

The meetings themselves have also changed considerably since Liberty Media took control of F1, with Horner admitting that the meetings were very different during the Bernie Ecclestone era of the pinnacle of motorsport.

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Horner has been joined in the meetings by some of the most influential figures in the sport’s history, which has often led to some heated conversations.

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“The thing is when I look around the room now, there are very different personalities,” said Horner.

“When I first came into the sport, there was Ron Dennis, he was passionate about what he would argue for. Flavio Briatore was a huge character. If Ron Dennis said it was black, he said it was white.”

“Jean Todt would just be ruthless in his protection of a Ferrari and all things Ferrari, totally uncompromising. Bernie Ecclestone running it, Bernie would carve up the room and he’d have everything nailed up with Max Mosley before the meeting had even started.

“Frank Williams… some really big characters and personalities.”