Christian Horner pokes fun at Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff pushed hard for the Technical Directive to be introduced.

Christian Horner has joked that the success Red Bull are enjoying is largely thanks to Toto Wolff.

After spending last season very much evenly matched with Mercedes, Red Bull have pulled away this year, with their 2022 car much faster than their rivals’.

Some felt that was the case in the first half of the season due to the fact that Horner and co had exploited a grey area in the regulations to make the floor of their car more flexible than technically allowed, avoiding the porpoising issues that Mercedes have faced as a result.

Given that, it was believed by many that the new Technical Directive being introduced at the Belgian Grand Prix, which outlawed Red Bull’s flexible floor, would hurt the championship leaders and help the reigning Constructors’ Champions catch up.

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That didn’t prove to be the case at all though, with Max Verstappen and his team looking stronger than ever with the Dutchman winning with ease despite starting down in P13.

Mercedes, on the other hand, struggled, being beaten by both Alpines as well as the Red Bulls and Ferraris in qualifying before Sir Lewis Hamilton crashed out at the start of the race.

Given Wolff has been pushing for the FIA to introduce the above directive all season, Horner joked that the Austrian played a part in Red Bull’s success.

“On the face of it I’d probably have to thank Toto for the TD!” the team boss joked.

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“In all seriousness, I think this circuit has played to our strengths. We have a very efficient car, we’ve found a very good setup and Max has just been in phenomenal form the very first lap in first practice.”

Red Bull haven’t been so dominant since the early 2010s when, led by Sebastian Vettel, they cruised to both titles in 2011 and 2013.

Indeed, Horner says that things are going as well now as they were back then.

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“I think it’s right up there with that period,” the Red Bull boss mused. 

“I don’t think we’ve ever won a race starting from 14th on the grid. As I said a phenomenal performance. 

“A lot of credit has to go into the people of the team behind the scenes. What you see here is obviously the end product and the drivers obviously having to optimise that to the best.

“It’s what goes on behind the scenes and all the unsung heroes back in Milton Keynes that have done a tremendous job with this car and obviously with the power unit.”