Christian Horner makes ‘off-camera’ disclosure amid investigation

Christian Horner finds himself embroiled in an investigation following allegations of misconduct levied by a female team member.

Christian Horner’s inaugural public appearance at the unveiling of Red Bull’s 2024 F1 contender provided a telling insight into his current disposition amidst the ongoing inquiry, as per Sky’s Craig Slater.

Horner graced the event as Red Bull showcased RB20 – the F1 car earmarked to propel Max Verstappen towards a potential fourth successive championship.

The 50-year-old finds himself embroiled in an investigation following allegations of misconduct levied by a female team member.

While Horner is slated to attend pre-season testing, the conclusion of the investigation remains shrouded in uncertainty.

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Slater, representing Sky Sports at the Red Bull launch, disclosed an “off-camera” discussion with Horner.

“He is resolute in his determination to see this through.

His presence today impressed many,” Slater remarked. “He participated fully in the launch proceedings and has continued with his duties as usual.

“I queried why he didn’t take time off to focus on the investigation rather than managing such a demanding role.

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He’s steered this team for 20 years. I’m unsure if he views stepping back as an admission of guilt, but he’s adamant to press forward.

“He also confided off-camera that if he doubted his innocence, he wouldn’t be present today.”

Slater observed that the investigation noticeably affected Horner, noting his subdued demeanor in contrast to his usual self during interviews.

“He appeared visibly drained today, without a doubt,” Slater added.

“This is someone typically sharp-witted and assertive in verbal exchanges.

“The subdued tone seems deliberate. He recognises the gravity of the situation. It’s important to remember that we’re only privy to his perspective.

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“There’s another party involved – the sole accuser, a female Red Bull staff member. However, for understandable reasons, her side remains undisclosed.

“It’s evidently been taxing on his personal life too.

“Many are aware of his marriage to former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (now Horner). He spoke about her off-camera, highlighting her unwavering support throughout this ordeal.”