Christian Horner makes huge Las Vegas claim as he comments on ‘protecting’ old circuits

The Las Vegas Grand Prix has joined the calendar this year, becoming the third race in the USA this season.

Formula 1 in the USA is always spectacular, with the American fanbase certainly knowing how to put on a show and make a huge event out of the race weekend.

The sport has been owned by Liberty Media since 2017 and the size of F1 in the USA has grown significantly as a result, with races in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas all featuring on this season’s calendar.

Netflix’s Drive to Survive has also made F1 popular in the USA, with motorsport fans from the United States now having deeper access to a previously inaccessible sport.

The first ever Miami Grand Prix last season was a phenomenal spectacle, with the weekend as a whole being the biggest event on the race calendar by far.

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The driver presentation and event before the race weekend even started stirred up a lot of hype for the race and the vibe and party atmosphere continued until the very end of the Grand Prix.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will make its debut this season, with the drivers set to take to the streets of the famous Vegas strip towards the end of the year.

The circuit will feature a number of the iconic landmarks that are dotted around Las Vegas, with the race set to take place under the neon lights of the hotels and casinos.

With Red Bull and Mercedes already having attended an event to build up the hype for the race coming in November, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has claimed that the Las Vegas Grand Prix could be the biggest sporting event of the year.

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“I think you’ve got to protect the old circuits like the Monacos and the Silverstones and the Monzas. But then to bring in new circuits, we had Miami last year as a new venue and this year we’ve got Las Vegas.

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“I have never seen hype around a race like that, I think it’s going to be the biggest sporting even on the globe this year. The demand for that race Is off the charts.

“Of course, the commercial demand for the sport is at an all-time high with 23 races at different venues around the world. So I think it does cater for everything.”

The ever-expanding calendar was set to include 24 races this season but after COVID concerns cancelled the Chinese Grand Prix once again, drivers will now be able to enjoy a short break between Australia and Baku.