Christian Horner makes cheeky comment about his wife when asked about reg changes

Mercedes have been disagreeing with Red Bull and Ferrari on "porpoising" and bouncing for the last few months.

Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, made a naughty comment when asked about the compromised changes to the technical regulations for 2023.

“Porpoising” and bouncing have been debated all season by the teams, with Mercedes keen to find a solution amid the physical dangers of it.

A technical directive was introduced in Montreal in a bid to fix, and that has been enforced this weekend in Spa, with moving skid blocks banned, while the stewards can ask teams to raise the ride height of their car if their oscillation exceeds a certain amount.

Red Bull and Ferrari were already displeased about that, as they believed Mercedes were trying to use safety to influence the FIA as they attempted to return to the top of the timesheets, but there is more drama on top of that too.

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The FIA initially proposed changes to the regulations for next season that would see the front wing edges raised by 25mm, with the diffuser throat also being raised.

Deflection tests will be more stringent due to the flexi-floors some teams have allegedly been using, and there will be more accurate sensors to detect oscillation.

Several teams believed that it was too late to make changes for next season, as the cars are already in development.

Due to safety concerns however, it was understood that changes ought to be made, so the FIA found a compromise with the unhappy parties, and agreed to raise the front wing edges by 15mm instead.

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Horner explained that 10mm is not much of a difference, and he used a cheeky innuendo to do so.

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“You know, my wife [Geri Horner] often tells me size doesn’t matter,” he said.

“I’m not going to get too fussed about millimetres, so 25mm versus 15mm, we’ve got to live with it.”

The Briton reiterated that it is extremely late in the day to be telling the teams to go back and make changes to the cars they have already started making.

“It’s inconvenient to be introducing [it at] this time of time of year, It’s incredibly late,” added Horner.

“It is what it is, we ended up negotiating on a number, we ended up with a number [which] is the same for everybody.”

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez will start second for Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix after qualifying third, with the other car of Max Verstappen will start 15th due to grid penalties having taken pole on Saturday.

Carlos Sainz will start first, with his team-mate Charles Leclerc down in 16th having taken penalties of his own this weekend.