Christian Horner doesn’t want Mattia Binotto at Red Bull

Mattia Binotto resigned as Ferrari's team principal following the conclusion of the 2022 season, bringing an end to his 28-year spell at Maranello.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has revealed that the Austrians have no interest in signing former Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto, with the Brit admitting that there’s “no place” for the Italian.

Despite having resigned from his role, Binotto was effectively forced into doing so by Ferrari, with reports suggesting that he had the choice to resign or face a public sacking.

Horner has previously shared his “sympathy” for Binotto, with the Italian having turned Ferrari around since he took on the role four years ago.

As good a job as he did, though, Horner thinks the Italian will find “better opportunities” lower in the order, with the Red Bull boss being unsure over “what role he could play” at the Milton Keynes-based side.

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“No, there’s no place for him,” Horner is quoted by Eurosport Italy.

“I don’t know what role he could play at our team.

“He will probably have better opportunities in teams lower down the grid.”

Red Bull became the second team to reveal the livery of their 2023 challenger last week in a glamourous launch in New York City, as the Austrians prepare to defend their Constructors’ Championship.

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The side have opted to stick to the foundations set by the RB18 for the forthcoming season, with the RB19 being an evolution of their 2022 car, which claimed 17 victories.

“There are a few aerodynamic changes,” Horner said, “but the RB19 will hopefully inherit all the strengths of our most successful car to date, the RB18.”

In order to defend their crown, it’s going to be key for Red Bull to start the season strongly, given that it’s relatively unknown how their budget cap penalty will affect them.

Many expect the 10-percent reduction in permitted aerodynamic research to hurt the Austrians mid-season, when teams typically introduce a large aero upgrade.

Horner is also unsure how the penalty will affect the team’s season but says that they are doing a “fantastic job” to be as prepared as possible.

“We are doing the best with what we have,” said Horner.

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“The team had to adapt to the handicap and they have done a fantastic job.

“Will it be enough? We’ll start to find out in a couple of weeks but we have accepted the situation and tried to adapt to ensure we’re as efficient as possible.

“But if we get 50 percent of the race wins and points that we got last year, that could well be enough to still win the championship.”